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Hi Everyone,

I currently use E-Works CRM software and feels it does have good customer support & good value for money but I do find it a bit slow to use, to do anything on it seems long winded and more complicated than it needs to be. It does have very good trackers with dash cam though which has come in useful several times.

Also find it glitches often and our outfield staff find it hard to use and it doesn't work offline very well and where we work the phone signal is not great. It doesn't seem to integrate well with other apps such as mail chimp also.

I am looking for a CRM that is firstly reliable and works offline very well and also integrates well with other apps/software or can do what other software does such as mail chimp integrated with it but for reasonable price.

I have had free trials with most companies now but it's hard to make a decision until the software has all the data needed in it and is up and running properly plus most have little or mixed reviews.

ServiceM8 seemed attractive and good value but some of the reviews were mixed, on asking the company they said these reviews were not genuine ones, also there customer support seems to be only via chat bots or email and I couldn't see a number to actually call someone if we experienced issues.

Big change also seems good but just too expensive for me at this time and they tie you into a 12 month contract but with fluctuation in staff at the moment I dont want to pay for people who then might leave and be stuck paying for there slot for the remainder of the 12 months, also want £2000 set up fee.

If anyone is using any of the above how do you find them?? what's there customer support like?/ are they reliable?? or if anyone can recommend any others would be good?? we currently have 2 office staff and 1 sales person and 3/4 engineers

Appreciate the help everyone
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