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Boiler is SIRIUS THREE FS 70 Potterton commercial.

Situation: We are small building contractors and my labourers managed to damage the radiator pipes during the strip out. Not the end of the world as damages happens. I am responsible builder and paying my bills and to repair the damages if caused by us... There were only 2 unskilled guys on site. Damaged the pipes and done what they could have done best. Turned on the wet hoovers and made sure the floor would be protected. Drained down the system. House is 8 beds, got commercial boiler room. Some time have passed and the landlord is calling me out pointing to damages to the boiler as it's flue pipe and some internal parts have melted. It might need an expensive commercial engineer's repairs or replacement in full. I would agree to pay for the damages, but I am not convinced that happened because of draining the system down without switching the boiler OFF... any cheap boiler does have a built in pressure sensor or thermostatic sensor and switches itself OFF once the pressure drops??? How come this one continued (well I dont know) working and melted inside? Would it then not be the system error and should be either the warranty claim or landlords home insurance claim?
Well, we have caused the issue, but as well that have happened many times in the past and none of the times that caused the boiler to melt? It usually just gives error code, we repair the pipe, fill up the system and it goes back to life...
Why this time is different or we are being blamed for some damages from the past possibly who knows?
Thanks for your help, any advice is appreciated.
I would try and book independent commercial heating engineer to write down a report if I would at least know it could be that it is not 100% our fault, or if it is, will pay their bills... Just would need to understand, I am not very experienced in plumbing, and my plumber I always use cannot touch commercial boilers... so I am stuck as landlord got his own plumber who is blaming us...

They do have a lwco but these often become blocked and fail, also you would be surprised how many don’t have lwco

You should of turned the boilers off or at least isolated the gas as you’ve drained the system

Need to have a commercial engineer to write a report as an independent and suggested fixes / cost etc it might be not cost effective and require a new boiler etc
Tricky situation for you.

Boiler shouldn't have fired up if one of the boiler 'failsafe' devices failed.
By the sounds of things, the boiler and the flue will have to be replaced.

Who's to blame?
You - your workers for damaging the pipework, causing boiler melt down.
Boiler - component failed causing the current situation.

Even if you get a Commercial Boiler Engineer to write a report, the Insurance assessor probably won't understand.
All the Landlord will have to say - Boiler was working correctly prior to you starting work.

Either put the claim through your Insurance or pay for repairs out of your pocket.

I doubt the Landlords Insurance will pay out for a problem that was caused by your workers, even though, technically, it shouldn't have happened.

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