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As will be seen from the question below I am not very experienced but I have fitted a toilet before, successfully. This time I have a NOT cheap toilet with poor instructions - in fact none concerning fitting cistern to pan. I am having difficulty getting support from the supplier

  • Somewhere it talks about a rubber gasket and in the drawing it looks tapered but I can't be sure. What I have is a flat, I think foam, gasket 1/2in thick. I am worried about tightening this all the way down so it doesn't sit proud and is watertight.I am sceptical that the foam gasket should be flattened that much and provide a good seal. It doesn't feel right to me but of course I could be entirely wrong.
  • There are 7 components on the bolts to attach cistern to pan - see image. I have no idea how these should be fitted and tightened.
  • It talks about a refill tube on the flush valve but doesn’t explain what it is for. Do I need one?
If anybody has the time to offer some suggestions I will be very grateful. Thank you



Assuming this is a close coupled pan with 2 small holes in the bottom of the cistern to fix the pan to the cistern?

I'd say they fit in the order they are now.
Remove the wing nut and large steel washer and brass nut and small brass washer.

Fit the bolt with the small O ring and tapered black washer through the cistern hole from the inside.
Put the brass washer and brass nut on and tighten against the cistern.
The fit the cistern to the pan and fit the large steel washer and wing nut on to the bolt under the pan.

The top of the brass bolt looks to be shaped so that something could clip onto it.
I believe the small O ring is to stop water creaping down the bolt threads.


Many thanks - that's clear. I was thinking everything below the tapered washer went under the pan!! glad I didn't try it. :mad:

Thanks again


If they supply a sponge donut...the big round black thing..that fits inbetween the pan and the cistern .I always ditch it and use a proper squashy rubber one. When tightening up those wing nuts go gently and do a few turns each side in you bring the cistern down nicely and keep an eye on the final ought to be level.
I use clear sillycon as well its my choice and others on PF will hold their hands up.
Somebody ought to produce a quide to installing cc bogs. Remember its not always
your fault often designer stuff is not easy to get right. centralheatking


Gas Engineer
I usually make a ring of plumbers mate (putty) Bed the foam washer just on the inside of the putty ring then drop the cistern and bolts in place.
You can watch the syphon outlet fit in place inside the foam washer
and like CH said lower it down evenly,


Gas Engineer
Personally never use anything but a good thick foam donut and often find myself scraping away all the gloop used by the last guy.


I hope it's not a wall faced, close coupled suite.

Those cistern bolts are great - especially if you have to change a flush valve or bottom entry inlet valve.
The pan has to be removed!!

Honestly, there must be a solution so that the cistern can be removed without the need to remove the pan also.

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