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I just bought a new flat and I can't get the combi boiler to start up. It turns on, and although it is old I have no reason to believe it shouldn't work. I don't want to look like an idiot calling out a plumber for something stupid I don't understand, although I will do if that's what's needed.

I am not in the new flat just now, and won't move in till the weekend. I'm making periodic visits in the meantime. Next one in about 24 hours. So I can't try suggestions straight away...

I have very limited experience.

The boiler is an Ariston Eurocombi, either an A/23 or A/27 MFFI. Manual here.

Gas is definitely connected to the flat. There is a gas cooker that lights up without a problem. However, I understand that there may be a gas cock nearer the boiler itself. I would expect this to look something like this, but I can't see anything like that.

Here is the control panel. The On/Off button (on the right) isn't turned on in the photo, but when it is on there is an orange light above it. No other LEDs are lit. The button on the left is supposed to be a kind of reset button, but nothing happens when I press it.

Way beneath the boiler is a valve to let in water (I forgot to take a photo of this). I opened this up a little to let enough water in to get the pressure gauge up between 1 and 2.

Directly beneath the boiler, these pipes go into it. I think the one that ends in the solid gold bits in the foreground is likely the gas pipe. There are several in theory turnable bits, but I don't know which, if any, might be usefully turned by me. The bit facing forward among all that gold (in clear plastic) has a screw that could be turned.

Inside the boiler (front view, left angle, right angle), is something identified in the manual as a gas valve. But there's nothing there that seems easily adjustable by me. I guess gas cocks and valves might be different things?

When I turn on a hot water tap, there is noise in the boiler. Maybe just the water flowing through it. But no hot water and no flame through the little viewing window.

If anyone can help me out with a simple solution, I'd be very grateful. As I said, I don't want to call out a professional until I know I've not missed something basic. In Scotland, we have 5 days to check these things are working in a new place (if they're not, it's the previous owner's responsibility, legally).

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