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Andrew Thompson

Hi All,

Combo Gas Boiler - Immergas Zeus Mini

I’m hoping you can maybe help me with an intermittent issue I’m having with my Immergas Zeus Mini Combi Boiler.

It works for weeks and then has a sporadic issue with igniting the boiler? I’ve uploaded a video so maybe you can take a Quick Look to see the issue? Just so I know what part to replace. To be honest it’s really frustrating!

I’ve had numerous plumbers look at the issue. The latest which has told me that the wiring loom is past end of life as the boiler is 17 years old now. I totally understand it’s just sort of frustrating because the boiler works consistently for weeks making it really hard to show a plumber the intermittent problem!

Any advice would be really appreciated.

View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=dJmgZ5PEKsE&si=yrgZmh6gqUCaQCT-
We can't legally encourage you to repair your own boiler.

Are you the home owner and if so when was it last serviced and what work to remedy this problem has been carried out?
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could be any thing from, low fan speed, gas valve, ignition unit, retifirer, condensate.
sorry but you need a gas reg engineer
I looked up the faults out of curiosity as I was unfamiliar with this boiler and there wasn't anything unusual that a competent engineer (not plumber) shouldn't be able to sort.

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