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I'm looking at the different pipes for UFH, the prices vary a lot and I'm not sure about the differences between the products.

I'm doing two zones, one 127m the other 70m, both will be under screed.

JG barrier pipe will cost £400 but Pert-Evoh-Pert is only £170. Both say they are 15mm but I'm not sure if this ties you down into their manifolds.

Floorwarms do entire kits for £650 whereas if I continue with JG it will be £1300 without the controls

Obviously, once the screed is down there will be no possibility of correcting any pipe mistakes, but on the other hand, I dont want to overpay.

Any help on choosing brands and pipe type will be greatly appreciated

Mlcp I would use eg pert al pert

@Uheat – Jake cab supply you some good quality tweetop mlcp and euro cones for the manifold
As Shaun mentions drop Uheat a call and they'll spec it and do pipe layouts for you. We use MLCP for UFH and loads of general plumbing, it's great and really easy to work with. I've done dozens of full ground floor UFH systems through them and all work exactly as you would want.

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