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I’m fitting a small basin on a floating countertop (30x40cm) and will be chasing the internal clinker block wall to around 100mm wide to accept a 32mm waste and two 15mm copper pipes. There is no option to box the pipes in whatsoever due to space.

I’m looking to fill the cavity with foam rather than wrap the pipes to minimise the chase depth. Would I be able to tile across the foam filled chase rather than plaster over the top. I will be using 500mm tiles and have planned the chase and tile pattern so the tile would be bonded to the wall 200mm either side of the 100mm chase.

Would that be acceptable?
Tiling over like that will be absolutely fine, don’t worry.
Personally I put copper pipes into hairfelt sleeving when I do this- it’s not even necessary to fill the chase if you don’t want to, as long as pipework is secure. Galvanised strapband is good to minimise depth required.

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