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hi all

I get alot of dripping tap calls and most are ceramic discs that need to be replaced can anyone recommend a good selection box of cartridges so i can go to call outs with a bit more choice on the van.



Advent Win
I know they don't have the best rep but screwfix/plumbfix do a decent range of ceramic valves.
I keep a few of theirs in stock and I can usually do 95% of all the ceramic taps I come across with them.
Will have a shufters at my purchase history and give you the item numbers for the ones I use most.
Edit **
1908F and 2611F are the ones I use most.
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They're pretty good for the odd rare valve, speedy delivery too, but the plumbers packs are expensive, if I remember right they work out to about £12 a pair, which is double what you get them for at poofix.

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