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Sole trader. Seeing as my work pattern is more like semi-retired at the moment since I seem to be dealing with various houses more than what is supposed to be my job, I've managed to get away with not having a dedicated business account, so not paying fees at all. The Leeds Building Society allows me to pay cheques in and take electronic payments and the local branch is turning a blind eye to that (technically business use). And the Nationwide doesn't notice the odd card payment going out. Obviously I try to do as much as possible in cash so the Nationwide doesn't notice.

As I don't have a dedicated business account, it means my tax records have to be kept the traditional way. which means logging evidence of income and expenditure, but at least that forces me to keep everything in order.

I did have a business account with HSBC. Think it was a tenner a month, which I never actually paid as I got a trial period for free. They closed my local branch just before that period expired, so I closed the account.
Yes I'm kinda semi retired-or retiring when the phone stops ringing- not looking for customers now but they seem to be looking for me! Thanks for your reply Ric I'm going to close my business acc asap. Have a good day

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