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Discuss Can anyone recommend a good tap spanner? in the Plumbing Tools area at

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currently an apprentice and just changed over some basin taps my tap spanner isn’t great and slips off a lot, can anyone recommend anything decent and not too expensive?
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Armeg jaw dropper are the ones I use the most


If it's a basin spanner - as per link by Moonlight, they take some getting used to.
All fairly much the same design, it comes down to the teeth on the jaws and also the user.

They are an awkward tool to use and require some practice in using them.

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I agonised about spending the money but I'm glad I did they're the dog's bollocks:


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I have the monument tap spanner, and a crows foot (both have been useful) - the latter doesn’t see much use, but I use the monument on the Vaillant prv nuts if they’re a bit stiff. Rothenberger one’s are supposed to be good. I haven’t and probably won’t go for the Armeg - tighter than a ducks proverbial.
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What does the armeg jaw dropper do that makes it better than the standard 2 designs for removing taps? As reminds me of a crowsfoot (think thats the name) type looking at it.
Does it slip off less, easier to get on?
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