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Have you soldered before

Hey Riley.

Yes I have I'm into Arduino's and robotics. Im also aware of how to prepare a copper pipe and how to join them using solder and osmoses. If i;ve got the correct term, i.e allowing the solder to be sucked up into the joint by itself.

I'd probably do a test piece first and put it under some sort of pressure to check for leaks in my method but other than that I don't see it being as much of a problem as say not flooding the house (i.e correctly draining the system or leaving a bleed valve open on refiling).


Thanks Best. I've popped it in my basket for when it comes to changing valves.
I would point out though that it only does 15mm and up, not under, so no 10mm etc.
It certainly seems better to have one of those than a purely dedicated width as you say.

Im also looking to move some pipes around. Could you suggest a cheap but good blow torch system. I see you can get heads that screw on to cans but the heads vary widely in price.

Im hoping for something around £25?

P.s where in the uk are you based roughly?

I am in the Best place. :)
Northern Ireland.
To answer your question of what would be a good cheap blow torch, - truth is you probably need to pay a bit more to get a "good" torch.
The Rothenberger Surefire 2 is what most plumbers recommend. It is reliable and produces a small powerful flame and doesn't flare up. Probably cost you about £50 for the bare torch. Or you can buy it in a Rothenberger choice of plumbing tool kits for little more, making that a better option in my opinion.
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