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It seems im the unfortunate owner of a Boilermate connected to a Potterton boiler.
Boiler not lighting when called. No local heating eng wants to touch it! Is there anyone in S.Wales really familiar with these system, please help?
Fan starts, no ignition, lock-out.
Its not the pcb unit - replaced!
Gledhill wants an arm an leg just to come out!
Any help grateful.


Gas Engineer
Hi MalH,
Are you gas safe registered, if so ping one of the mods and we can help you some more with your issues otherwise its up to you to get a good gsr engineer out for this.
Hope this helps but we can't give out too much advice re repairing boilers to unqualified people due to regs and some people being dumbasses and messing around willy nilly.

By the way i've a boilermate & potterton suprima so know exactly what you are on about.

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