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If I explain first the situation may make more sense. I have going through a wall 2 15mm copper pipes that sometime in the past fed a radiatorin the kitchen. Now I need those pipes removing out of the wall and blocked off in a cupboard. Problem is where they appear on the other side of the wall, in the cupboard, is a bit congested to say the least . On appearing through the cupboard side both take an immediate right angle until they meet the back wall then we have another right angle. My problem is lack of space to get anything onto the pipes, there is not room between the copper pipes and the wall to get a cutter in. I thought about freezing the pipes then just using a hacksaw but there is not room for the freezing sleeves. I am looking for some magic gismo does one exist.


An electric pipe freezer, the Rothenberger one I use at least, does not need access behind the pipes at all and the heads clamp on only to the front side of the pipe meaning it's possible to freeze one that is tight against the wall. Do you have access to an electric pipe freezer of that type?

If not, I like Chuck's idea of taking out a bit of the wall to get access with a cutter. That may even be simpler than using an electric freezer.
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Hi guys yes knocking a bit of the wall out is not a major problem just wondered if there was something exisiting that was stopping me seeing the wood from the trees. I can hire an ele3ctric freezer for about £60 for the day methinks easier, and definitely cheaper, to knock a bit of render off the wall.
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Just mooching on the web and can see the Rothenberger ROFROST for £650, I have to pay VAT unlike you guys, and am wondering hmmm. I have to replace 14 radiators in my home at some point and knock about some other pipework and thinking if I got one of these I could do the work and then flog it on. I will not be doing the rads or the pipework in a short period of time so cannot really drain everything down and leave for months.
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