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Hi, I am thinking about a new combi boiler, ours has had it's day. The house is 1977 and the system is about that age as well - around 40years old so the radiators are probably rusted inside as well as the pipes.

I have had a few quotes for a new boiler but most fitters generally install a single type of boiler. They will flush the system of course and fit a filter.

What I would like to know is what is the best modern boiler that is the most tolerant of an older heating system and which should I avoid - I have been offered an Ideal Vogue and a Baxi Platinium so far.
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both those boilers are ok , personally I would go Viessmann.
Any boiler will be ok , its the system that want a major flush .


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Full powerflush.

Then the boiler with the longest warranty for the cheapest price (of the main manufactures).

Fit the boiler as per the manufacturers instructions.

And then get it serviced and the log book filled out EVERY year.

After that, its not your problem. Not for up to 12 years with some makes.

Sharp Point

Baxi Bermuda 401 back boiler and pw5 deluxe fire. That’ll see your old system right
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