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Afternoon all.

After a bit of advice/guidance.

I'm currently refurbing my 1st-floor bathroom and the ancient plumbing system in the house whilst I'm at it.

It'll have a shower, toilet, basin and a standard size bath. I'm planning a secondary circuit (in copper) for hot water (22mm in and a 15mm return) as currently, it takes around a minute to reach the bathroom in the loft and nearly as long to reach the bathroom I'm refurbing.

There is a loft bathroom directly above, currently fed (using JG) by tee-ing into existing 15mm (both hot and cold) off a mish-mash of 15 & 22 + a bit of galvanized steel which I'm going to replace - the mish-mash that is (not the PEX feeding the loft bathroom).

I'm currently on a combi with 15mm hot outlet, but this is soon to be replaced with an unvented system with a 28 or 32mm feed from the street, into 22mm - pressure into the property is 3bar, current flow rate around 14lt per min.

I'm planning on building 2 copper manifolds for hot and cold with isolators to serve the refurb bathroom and loft bathroom using 22mm copper and taking 15mm branches (in PEX) 1 for the shower, 1 toilet, 1 basin and 1 for the loft for the cold and 22mm off the manifold in PEX to the bath.

The second manifold (again in 22mm) for the hot, 1 shower, 1 basin, 1 for loft and again feed the (standard size) bath off that in 22mm PEX and return from the manifold to the cylinder in 15mm copper.

My question is: Am I wasting my time running to the bath in 22, would 15mm PEX off the manifolds be sufficient? I'm not bothered about a few quid saved given what it's costing I just don't want to waste the pipe/money/effort if I'm not going to fill the bath any quicker!

Also, am I wasting effort with the secondary hot water given that I will be reducing the length of pipe runs significantly? They'll probably be around 7 metres to the refurbed bathroom and around 12 to the loft bathroom. Hope that makes sense!

Shout if you've any questions.

cheers, Chris


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22mm if your planning on doing a return loop else it’s 15mm to save wastage of water

secondary return loop is a good idea but needs to be done correctly eg timer or pir


@ShaunCorbs - thanks for the reply - much appreciated. Was considering return loop, was planning on using a PIR if I go that route.

cheers, Chris

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