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Bath overflow pipe

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Hello everyone. New to the forum and looking for assistance / advice.

I live in a rented house with a not very co-operative landlord. I have just discovered that my bath overflow drain pipe is not connected as the flexible drain tube looks like it has been cut off at some point. After studying the bath overflow I thought the bath drain was a push fit connection where the flexible pipe can be squeezed over to make a solid fit.

Unfortunately, the two parts seem to be of a similar diameter and will not fit over each other. I suspect that the cut pipe may have had a wider connection that would have fitted over the bath drain pipe? I did try heating the flexible pipe with hair dryer but didn't want to play!!!

Apart from buying a new drain system is there an alternative that will allow me to push connect the two pipes together? As I won't be staying in this property for too long I don't want to spend too much money on a repair that will not benefit me, in the long run.

So, what suggestions can you offer, please?

Thanks in advance
An inexpensive McAlpine Bath waste/overflow is available in ToolStn for £5.65 complete - this is probably the best way to go.
Right. I'll pay them a visit, then. There's one not far from where I live.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Is it just a case of unscrew the bottom connection and fit the overflow at the top? No specialist tools required?
Just screwdrivers.
Although it’s wise to back up the rubber seals with another form of sealant, especially if bath has uneven surface where it attaches.
I like to use Plumbers’ Mait (£5 from same place) - but others may use silicone etc.

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