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I had an Atag system (heat only) boiler fitted about 3 years ago. It’s model IR24 LPG.
It’s worked fine for the first year or so, but on the second winter (last winter) it had a strange problem where it would only cycle on for about 1 minute and then would go off for about 5 minutes, before then coming on for another minute. As a result the house never really got very warm (only got to about 19°C), despite the room stat being turned up to maximum.
We called out the installer who made a few visits to try to solve this problem, as well as ringing the atag helpline, but the problem persisted. However the boiler started working normally again around February, so we forgot about it and it’s been working perfectly all of this year, until today. It’s gone into the same pattern of cycling on for 1 min, and off for about 5, so as a result the house isn’t getting very warm.
This is getting very frustrating, so has anyone got any ideas about why this could be happening, bearing in mind it only seems to happen in colder weather. Please ask for any more information if required, I have no idea what could be relevant.
Thank you


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