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hi i have got an interview with pm training stoke who are appart of aspire housing . i was wondering if anyone knows if they are any good


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I've just had a look at this website, and it sounds ok.

I think that an apprenticeship with a local authority/housing association is one of the best ways to learn this trade as you will experience a wide variety of jobs, (servicing, repairs, installations). Working with a one man band, you might only get installation experience.

If someone really wanted to get in to this trade, this is the way that I would recommend.

Looking at your previous posts I've seen that your still young, at school with excellent academic abilities having completed some of your GCSEs one year earlier, I'd also recommend looking at other programmes with big companies in a sector where there is a better future.


Okay thanks . If i dont get on the apprentiship then i am going to do a year of heating and ventalation at my college then the family friend whos a plumber said he might employ me and learn me the water side of plumbing
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