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Discuss Arezzo shower valve - any good? in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at PlumbersForums.net

Never head of them. Personally I prefer to stay away from the concealed shower as sooner or later tiles need to come off to fix it. If it's not a really good one then sooner


I bought it and it's rubbish. Already faulty in a matter of months and no way to leave a negative review on Victorian Plumbing as it always states that the order number is incorrect! Terrible!

Timmy D

Gas Engineer
If you’re gonna spend money on one fixture, make it the shower!

Go Grohe, Hans Grohe, Bristan, I’ve also had very little trouble with Aqualisa.


Gas Engineer
I've had issues with mira but often go to repair 20+ year old valves and have an old thermostatic bath mixer myself. You can't grumble at 20+ years


We're currently experiencing problems with our Arezzo Shower (brass version of the one posted above) - it won't start running unless the bath tap is turned on at the same time (once the shower is running the bath tap can be turned off). We followed the installation instructions, which simply state a working pressure range (0.5-5 bar) and nothing about the type of shower pump that is compatible. So our plumber installed a 3 bar positive head pump because we have a gravity system. Since identifying the problem and raising with Victorian Plumbing, they pointed out that that they recommend a negative or universal pump - but do not require! Even though we have now installed a 2 bar Universal pump the shower still won't work by itself! Apparently we didn't originally follow VP's recommendation, despite no such recommendation or requirement in the installation instructions. I feel as though we've not been instructed clearly and VP are not willing to help us repair or replace. Nb the recommendation to use the universal or negative pump was on their website's product description but not in their installation instructions. However, since raising our concern their website has been updated to say the shower won't work with a positive pump but not the installation instructions! Shouldn't such a requirement be in the installation instructions? Isn't there a difference between a recommendation and a requirement!? How is our plumber to know what won't work if it's not stated clearly?


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S. Mod
Gas Engineer
You can’t use a positive head pump with a high pressure mixer unless your tank is a good 15m plus above the top of the shower head (giving it approximately 1.5 bar of pressure) your plumber should advised you of this or you should of left it to him to sort the sanitary fixtures out, it’s one of them if you buy unbranded best to keep aload of tiles spare for 5 years time when you have to rip it all out

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