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I am sure you will join me in welcoming our newest sponsor @Arelia to the TilersForums.com family. We are very happy to have you on board.

Arelia is a Spanish company that distributes coin timers and meters made in the UK for the touristic sector all over Spain, Portugal Italy and some countries in South and Central América. We are very much based on air conditioning control devices with prepayment methods along with washing machines, drying machines and showers. As time has gone by and Arelia has gone deeper and deeper into the energy saving sector, we have developed our own domestic shower timer for homes with teenagers, for hotels, etc... to prevent kids and customers from wasting water and energy in the shower, it is called Acqua Tempus.
The Acqua Tempus is a universal shower timer with auto shut off, that allows both water and energy savings to be made. Suitable for mixer showers, it can be used anywhere savings in water usage is desired, such as in homes, hotels, gyms, campsites. Right now, it is being sold in Spain, several countries from the EU, UK ( Acqua Tempus (lcigb.com)) , US, Australia, Canada and Chile.

You can contact @Arelia by sending a message :)

Advertising is important to the site I know. However being overwhelmed with adverts as you are trying to find a forum seems to have overtaken the subject matter. I really am finding it difficult to get to where I want on the site folks.
Think people may not have realised when you open a post there is a little cross symbol you need to press to get rid of ads(?) that are blocking you typing.

Surprised this forum does not pull in better quality / lower volume advertising. Write more posts?

Many thanks for all that you do.


Roy (amateur)
Having been the owner of several websites/forums I have to disagree with you gledhillnewby; they cost money to keep online and this website is more or less a service and emergency helpline to some. I know ads can be annoying but this site isn't a click-bait one intended to fool users into clicking on random links they thought were something else, I find most if not all the ads here are relevant to the site's aim.

Anyway, thank you to the new sponsor for joining!

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