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Hi, I'm trying to remove a tap cover so I can change (or at least attempt to change) a washer ). No success trying to move anything with mild twisting/levering but don't want to break anything by applying force in the wrong location.

Image here
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Don`t have time to go fiddling it`s either there when I click on the link JC or I move on, that said I understand that there is a problem uploading images to the site at the moment due to Dan breaking something. :(

I agree with trying to unscrew the first domed sections on the ends.
Hi all,

I am trying out DIY plumbing on some of the leaking pipes but I have run into problems dismantling the taps further. Any ideas/suggestions will be very, very much appreciated. Cheers.

Tap 1 - Toilet tap

If I supposed to pry open the "Lubben" button, how do I do so when there's hardly any groove on which I can pry?


Tap 2 - Toilet tap

I removed the screw as indicated, but was unable to dismantle the tap further.


Tap 3 - Bathroom Tap

When the tap was turned on, a considerable amount of water flowed from the outlet as indicated by the arrow. When I pulled up the diverter as much as I could, the unwanted water flow reduced by quite a lot, but there was still water flow at the arrow. So is it a problem with the tap cartridge or diverter cartridge?


I wasn't sure if I was supposed to remove the handle or the diverter. In any case, I tried removing the handle and wasn't able to proceed further. I wasn't able to twist the golden component.


Tap 4 - Kitchen Tap

I removed the screw as indicated in the diagrams below, but was unable to dismantle the tap further.




Before working on things make sure the water can be isolated.
In the first example use plumbers force.

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