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Hi Guys - sorry but this is going to be a long post!

Recently had some work done in my house to move a boiler, clean cold water tank and pressurize central heating system - this was done by a gas safe registered engineer. Another plumber has come over to do other work in the house and he has mentioned that the work done is not correct - apparently the magna cleaner should be attached to the return pipe but its attached to the flow pipe and the cold water tank has not been been cleaned out - have pictures to confirm this- just wanted a second opinion before I went back to the engineer or request an inspection by Gas Safe - should the magna cleaner be attached to the return pipe as he advised? If so should I call the original plumber back (he's not cooperating much as he is not happy I gave my other jobs to another plumber) or should I let him know Im going to complain to Gas Safe? P.S he hasnt given certificate yet either but I guess legally he has 30 days to do this so I can't do anything about this until the time is up - as it was a cash job he said he can't give me reciept either although previously he confirmed in text that he could give me a receipt - any advice on how to deal with this situation?


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