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Hi all

The situation is this:

- Bungalow with combi boiler
- Main bathroom with crosswater shower
- En suite with crosswater shower (installed at same time, in 2011)
- En suite shower for last c. 12 months has had erratic and generally much lower shower pressure (main bathroom remains at full pressure)

After contacting Crosswater, they advised:

"The reduction in your flow rate could be down to any number of contributing factors so to begin with I'd like to run you through a few trouble shooting steps, this will help us eliminate a few issues right off the bat;

Clearing any debris or built up limescale from the Thermostatic Cartridge and Non-Return Valves. These are easy to remove with basic hand tools (Allen Key, adjustable spanner) and can be easy to overlook. I've included a link below to help guide. Once removed, a simple 50/50 solution of Wine Vinegar and Water is all that's need for cleaning.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pVuvG6q84A "

Following the video we reached the point of trying to remove and clean the thermostatic valve. However, this could not be done by the plumber, as the threaded retainer ring was quite 'chewed up' (original installer). The replacement part does not arrive until end of August. After that we could clean all the parts - but still, there might be lower pressure - and further investigation needed.

Concurrently we have been considering whether to replace this ensuite shower completely, with a new electric shower. The potential benefits could be:
1. Shower pressure solution solved
2. Temperature control is independent of combi boiler
3. Flow rate is not impacted by other water use (kitchen taps etc) in the house
4. If boiler breaks down, can still have a shower

Are each of these correct?

1. Cost
2. Complex installation, removing tiles, new cold feed across loft space, wiring for electrics etc.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments, greatly appreciated!

Thanks, D


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If your water pressure is virtually the same in the basin of en-suite as the rest of the house I would suggest it is localised to the shower unit itself.
Therefore the replacement of a few tiles (if you can match them) and a new shower unit would be considerably cheaper than running 10mm twin and earth cable, a new quality electric shower, electrician/ plumber to alter pipe work and remove old shower and replace tiles etc will cost you... and that’s even your consumer unit is very close to the en-suite. Though will all that said, personally I don’t rate electric showers full stop. So would only ever have one as a last resort.
Statement 4 however is 100 % correct.
Hope that helps...


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PS - Also it may be helpful to add if your consumer unit is old you will need to add RCD protection to the shower circuit. Which will add extra costs and also add to even further work needed to be undertaken...
My last bit of advice would be to seek the advice of a professional who can look at your situation and advise accordingly...


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1. Never known electric shower to beat from combi
3.will depend entirely on your static and dynamic pressures and flow rate. Could very easily impact it
4. Correct

Alan Wright

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Its probably too late and you may have already committed to another solution but I note that the flow is erratic which indicates you could have pressure fluctuation. You can protect and boost pressure and flow to a shower if you fit a ShowerPowerBooster on the hot and cold pipes to a specific shower after the combination boiler. The Shower Power Booster is designed for high temperatures and pressures and is the only pump that is designed to boost on the hot side of a Combi Boiler. https://showerpowerbooster.co.uk/information/you-can-fit-a-pump-to-boost-a-shower-or-tap-on-a-combi-boiler-system/

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