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Hello plumbers in my internet. So the Mrs want a spray mixer tap in the kitchen as we had two separate taps. I changed the tap for a temporary two hole mixer but the cold water pressure is high mains fed and the hot is low pressure immersion tank fed. I've been trying to find info on what I think is called a dual flow mixer for unbalanced feeds. How hard is it to find one ? Please, has anyone managed to find such a thing ? Mostly I find info, forums, all mentioning showers, bath and basin mixers but nothing for the kitchen. Anyone actually bought one ? Name, model and brand please if they exist or am I going to have to install extra restrictors in the cold supply. I am planning on refurbishing the kitchen with new worktops and a new sink, preferably with a single hole mixer rather than a two hole mixer that I have now. Not a plumber by any stretch so please forgive my layman descriptions, but I can fit taps to a kitchen sink although presently, I ain't done the right thing because I didn't consider the water pressure differences ! Many, many thanks in advance
Have you got a photo of the sink at the moment?


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