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I'm wondering what is the best way to add an access point to both the existing soil pipe and waste pipe from my ensuite bathroom in the picture below?

Shower is draining slowly for the last month or two and now the toilet is clogging so better to tackle it now I suppose.

For the waste water pipe, should I replace the 90 with a T and add an access point to the end of the T?

For the soil pipe, should I install an access Saddle to the middle of the pipe or something like a push fit single socket access bend? Is it possible to fit these based on the current setup in the pic shown?



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Sounds like the main stack is blocked if both are blocked
Thanks Shaun and Last Plumber.

I checked the manhole right beside the soil stack and it isn't blocked (see pic attached). I do have a jetter that I can put up the soil stack from the manhole.

I would love to figure out where the issue is though as I had a blockage approx 2 years ago and just jetted that.

How can I figure out where the blockage is? I had planned on just adding the access points to spot the issue.



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