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I’m gonna start an adult course at my local college to do plumbing,the only course they offer is City and Guides Level 2 Diploma Plumbing Studies, will that be enough to get my foot in the door? i do have my labourers CSCS card and a few safety courses.


Thanks the quick reply,
once i’ve completed the level 2, what other qualifications/certificates should i try to get to increase my chances of employment?
Water regulations, nvq level 3, gas, unvented cylinders are usually good ones to have. It also depends on where you want to work and what you want to do, for example if you wanted to work in water hygiene, you’d probably need water regulations and L8 which relates to legionnaires control.


The only problem with the diploma course is that it doesn't show evidence of any site work: you only have college-based practical assessments. So it's not quite as good from an employability point of view as the level 2 NVQ, but, as you say: it's a foot in the door, and you are still very young. If you have some site experience, you may find employers will look at that as a strong point in your favour.

Plumbing Studies (what a crap name!) seems to be a new name for the old Plumbing Craft diploma? The syllabus looks to be similar. Weirdly the City and Guilds website still seems to use the old name, unless I'm on an old website.

Academically, the plumbing craft diploma was much the same as the NVQ. Possibly slightly better, in fact. Bear in mind you can pass the multiple choice tests with minimal knowledge so do try to get the most out of the course and learn the whole whack of the textbook and as much additional information as you can get out of your teachers. And I hope you enjoy it!

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