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We have some large Britannia brass taps, one of which has begun to leak pretty badly because the washer that should be attached to the tap spindle has degraded and is pulling way when the tap's opened.

The trouble is, the washer is huge: 1 1/4" (300mm) by the looks of it.

Does anyone know where I can get those? I've tried Screwfix and a plumbing supplies shop, but they only have ones up to about 1/2".


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Have you tried PTFE?

Or a good (real) Plumbers merchant
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1574861036436.pngLike these? Is this the type you mean?
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I think you need 1" fibre washers.
They sell them online
(Sorry, I meant more like 30mm not 300!)

From what I can tell, the inner diameter is maybe 7-8mm (so M8?), and the external is 27mm. 4mm thick.

I've tried contacting what may be the manufacturers of the taps (hard to know) and they say they may have them in stock (£6!) so I guess that's my best bet. Right now it's leaking about a bucket every 30mins!

Here's some more photos BTW.



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3/4 tap washer

3/4 tap washer

Ah, that's looks more like it! Mind you, the ones I've ordered from the manufacturers are £7 so with luck that will work. Gotta wait until maybe Friday for delivery though. It's like being waterboarded meanwhile!

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