1. alanmcm

    Moving into a new home and boiler system is 17 years old

    My daughter bought her first home and was hoping to convert to gas but its not available in the area, so thinking a boiler upgrade is the better way to go. Just after some advice and rough costs involved, is it worth getting a pressurised system installed and a new boiler and oil pump? Heating...
  2. IMRS250

    Returning to the Gas after 5 years.. advice please

    Hi all, I was previously a member of this forum about 7 years back but lost my login details so started again! I moved abroad and packed in the gas for a couple of years and then returned to the UK and went to Uni to be a teacher. After realising teaching is a massive headache I want to get...
  3. W

    Polypipe underfloor heating not heating up properly after a few years

    Had polypipe underfloor heating installed around 4 years ago. Flow rate used to be around 2.5 l/m now its just over 1 l/m. Tiled floor now is heat patches I have a nest connected to this also. And 3 zones come on at once in same port on slave unit I've changed the pump, diverter valve and...
  4. grumpydad

    £190 for extra 2 years warranty worth it? Viessmann

    Just about to order a Viessmann 100w. Comes with 10 year warranty. Or £190 extra for 12 years. The company I am going to use boiler hut, offer a Viessmann service for £100, I was going to skip the 2 year extra warranty, and put the money to getting Viessmann annual services. For example...
  5. J

    Flushing New shower that replaced old one unused for three years

    Hi, I would welcome any advice on the following. I have recently fitted an new en suite Mira select thermostatic shower which replaced the old one which was exactly the same model.The shower is fed from a Worcester Bosch combi boiler which was fitted eight months ago replacing an old combi...
  6. M

    Boiler with 1 year of use and 2 years of being idle in storage

    Hi all, A friend of mine gave me his gas boiler (24KW logic ideal) after only 1 year of use and it has since been sitting idle in storage for 2.5 years. I recently contacted a plumber to arrange having my current old boiler swapped with the boiler that has been in storage. The plumber warned me...
  7. M

    gas boiler has been idle in storage for 2 years, will it still work?

    Hi all, A friend of mine no longer needed a one year old condensing gas boiler so I took it off his hands and left it in storage for the last 2 years until I needed it. The time has come to replace my old boiler with the one that is in storage but when I was speaking with a plumber about...
  8. Bogart

    Gunged up or what after some 30 plus years

    Attached are a couple of photos I just taken after cutting out some 28mm pipe. One ,which was on the flow leg, looks way worse than the return leg one. The flow leg is now down to what a 22mm pipe might carry. Why should one leg be so much worse? Would temperature make that much...
  9. DJseals

    Is installer liable 2 years

    Hi Guys, I had a terrible install in 2019 that has a litany of issues, all sorted after a while. my boiler started overheating and switching off, seemed like the DAB evosta 40-70/130 pump wasnt getting power, i called DAB in the UK for advice and on removing the casing say it was full of...
  10. P

    Using hot water from a vented system for the first time in 2 years

    Hi all For various reasons, we haven't used the hot water system in our house for a couple of years. It's a vented system with a tank in the loft. I want to try it out now but wonder whether there could be any potential problems from Legionella or anything else potentially nasty? I don't...
  11. E

    I have been using a Stanley stove with a back boiler for the past ten years.

    I have been using a Stanley stove with a back boiler for the past ten years. We are now converting to gas and have disconnected the stove from the mains. We would like to keep the stove but I am concerned about how safe/unsafe that might be. I lit a fire and as I had been told, we had a sauna...
  12. S

    29 years old and looking for a career change - any advice is welcome

    I currently work in an office job on mid 20's salary and hate being chained to the desk. Looking for a career change to become a gas and heating engineer. I have came across various courses which offer retraining such as the below...
  13. B

    How can I fix a banging noise in CH system- 14 years new drayton and sunvic valves -sealed system?

    This started last night at 11.25 and has me completely flummoxed. A banging noise that is hard to track down. When I'm in Bathrooom that has airing cupboard it seems to come from hallway when in hallway it seems for come from cupboard. The system is a grant boiler in an outside house, purpose...
  14. A

    Gateway into Plumbing at 39 years of age

    Good afternoon, before I start I appreciate I may be on a hiding to nothing here but here goes. I spent time working as a tradesman with my Dad back when I was 16 but lacked the foresight to see it through, and ended up working in IT for the last 15 years. However, I've got to a point where I...
  15. S

    Hi, I have an ideal Instinct boiler, its nearly 2 years old. I have started having problems with low pressure about a month ago.

    Hi, I have a two year old Ideal Instinct boiler that has been problematic for about a month with low pressure. A plumber came out twice and reset it and it seemed ok but its started loosing pressure again a couple of days ago. He has been back and blown something up in the boiler which he...
  16. K

    Hi I'm 20 years old and I am a fully qualified plumber and looking for a apprenticeship.

    My names Keir Wheeler and I'm 20 years old and I have recently finished my level 3 plumbing course. I have plenty of experience with companies like fortem in Birmingham and abs heating in Gloucester. I am now looking for an apprenticeship to start my career as a plumber and eventually gas engineer.
  17. O

    What a great web page!

    Hello all I became a gas engineer about three years ago, so still quite unexperienced but eager to learn. Many thanks for letting me join.
  18. T

    25 years experience gas heating engineer looking for new role London area

    Hi I'm a 57 year old mature gas heating engineer 25 years experience looking for a good solid position in London. Have all ACS quals, unvented and analyser. Previously held OFTEC, part P and LPG. Also have F-gas and BS4872 welding. Ex-forces so have insane work ethic. If anyone has anything...
  19. C

    Currently awaiting repair Combi Boiler leaking for 8 years. Is my plumber incompetent?

    Hi everyone, my combi boiler has been leaking for 8 years. It is a german Vaillant VCW 204 The thing is, this device is from...
  20. king of pipes

    Ideal icos 6 years without a service

    Went to this boiler today as the property is being sold and the owners have had a offer , the boiler was nearly jumping off the wall when firing up:eek:💥, stripped it down to find the heat exchanger blocked solid with aluminium scale not allowing a smooth flow of products through bit of tlc and...

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