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Worcester ( (listen) WUUS-tər) is a city in, and county seat of, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Named after Worcester, Worcestershire, England, as of the 2020 Census the city's population was 206,518, making it the second-most populous city in New England after Boston. Worcester is approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Boston, 50 miles (80 km) east of Springfield and 40 miles (64 km) north-northwest of Providence. Due to its location near the geographic center of Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the "Heart of the Commonwealth;" a heart is the official symbol of the city.
Worcester developed as an industrial city in the 19th century due to the Blackstone Canal and rail transport, producing machinery, textiles and wire. Large numbers of European immigrants made up the city's growing population. However, the city's manufacturing base waned following World War II. Long-term economic and population decline was not reversed until the 1990s, when higher education, medicine, biotechnology, and new immigrants started to make their mark. The city's population has grown by 28% since 1980, reaching a new all-time high in the 2020 census and experiencing urban renewal.
Modern Worcester is known for its diversity and large immigrant population, with significant communities of Vietnamese, Brazilians, Albanians, Puerto Ricans, Ghanaians, Dominicans, and others. 22% of Worcester's population was born outside the United States. A center of higher education, it is home to eight separate colleges and universities, including Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and Clark University. Architecturally, Worcester is notable for its large number of 19th century triple-decker houses, Victorian-era mill architecture, and lunch car diners such as Miss Worcester.
Worcester is the principal city of Central Massachusetts, and is a regional government, employment and transportation hub. Since the 1970s, and especially after the construction of Route 146 and interstates 90, 495, 190, 290, and 395, both Worcester and its surrounding towns have become increasingly integrated with Boston's suburbs. The Worcester region now marks the western periphery of the Boston-Worcester-Providence (MA-RI-NH) U.S. Census Combined Statistical Area (CSA), or Greater Boston.

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  1. R

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave Boiler Smell.

    Hello, this is my first time on the forum. Three months ago we had a 1000 lt fill. We then noticed a strong oil smell when the boiler was firing up. There was no sign of an oil spill. Contacted our engineer to have the boiler serviced, still the strong oil smell was there. Recommended having new...
  2. Stants

    Worcester Bosch 30 Ri or Worcester Combi equivalent size

    Hi I was initially having a Megaflo ( 170 L ) and a Worcester Bosch 30 ( RI System Boiler ) in a loft conversion The guy that was doing the work can no longer do it so I was getting another quote for the same set up and the question came up again " why don't you have a Combi boiler (...
  3. Stants

    Glo worm V ,s Worcester Bosch

    Hi I was having a Worcester bosch Greenstar 30 Ri ERP system boiler installed however its been suggested I changed that to a Glo worm system boiler of similar size basically which is best ?
  4. A

    alpha e tec 28 or worcester greenstar i 30

    Hi folks, my 1999 combi boiler is in need of replacing. We just moved into the end terrace 3 bedroom house October 2020. We only have 1 bathroom with fitted shower only, no bath. In relation to both options, I am edging towards the Alph which comes with a 10 year warranty, compared to the 12...
  5. P

    Worcester greenstar 18ri heat exchanger/heat cell

    Plumber says the heat exchanger aluminium baffles are breaking down and blocking the pipe which he showed me,now the question is do I change the heat cell or go for a new boiler. My boiler is 13 years old.
  6. M

    Blue light constant on Worcester boiler but no heat

    Blue light on but no heat from radiators. When I reset the boiler, there is a slight chugging noise like it’s wanting to fire up but can’t. The blue light is on constantly
  7. L

    Worcester 30CDi NG to LPG

    Hi All, Wondering if someone can give me some advice.... Recently removed a healthy 30CDi Natural gas from a house and put it into my caravan... Obtained correct conversion kit from worcester which was just a chip.. I replaced the existing chip for new, adjusted air/ratio as instructed. Turned...
  8. Matt76

    Worcester greenstar J28i problem

    Hi all I wonder if someone could help me get to the bottom of what our problem is please. Evertime we use our Triton mixer shower the boiler has started to trip out, the red reset button flashes. But running the taps doesn't cause this. We had a Worcester approved plumber out who also...
  9. A

    Help with Worcester Greenstar 30Si DHW temp

    Hi, Is anyone able to give me some advice on a potential problem with a Worcester combi we looked at today please. Customer reported hot water on bath only getting luke warm. On first inspection we found the diverter valve passing heat down the central heating flow, so we've cleaned all the...
  10. A

    Worcester boiler blue light on

    Good morning everyone, I woke up to find the radiators unusually hot. Went to check the Worcester 30Si and the blue light was on even though no demand (fire symbol) was showing. The room temperature was well above the room thermostat (Honeywell, wired) setting. Hot water is fine. Tried...
  11. D

    Worcester Bosch 32CDI . lots of air in Rads but no drop in pressure? please help

    Hi, i hope you can shed some light on this , Combi Boiler is located in the loft and was installed March 2020 on existing pipe work/ radiators , i topped up (2) radiators up stairs in October 20 it took a lot of water! Boiler pressure is set to 1.5 bar (cold resting) and never drops. But found...
  12. M

    worcester greenstar 34cdi classic heating.and hot water issue

    I have a worcester greenstar 34cdi classic, the problem is when the heating is on and I switch on the tap then the heating switches off for a little while and heats up again by itself, what could be the issue
  13. DaveMargetts

    Worcester Greenstar 24i issue

    Hello - just wondering if anyone has any ideas why my Worcester 24i combi boiler doesn't heat the central heating water? It heats the tap water just fine but when the demand comes in from the room thermostat for the central heating to turn on - nothing happens... I've checked the demand from...
  14. P

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi - injecting additives

    Hi, I have been adding inhibitor via one of the radiators, but is there a way of doing it via the boiler itself please? I can't see where I would connect a pressurised can to? Thanks.
  15. Hobo128

    Worcester G* Cdi 37kw... Luke warm DHW

    Hi guys... Happy New year to you all.... Been out to a Worcester Greenstar Combi last week.... Problems with hot water not getting very hot.... Boiler is set to max on and I'm getting about 40 degree out of the tap.... Turned of the flow and return at the boiler to check diverter but this made...
  16. L

    Worcester 15ri Issues

    Hi, i was wondering if somebody could give me some advice..... I was called out to a boiler breakdown the other day. Worcester 15Ri. When i arrived onsite the blue light was flashing i put it into reset, fan started, boiler ignited . Boiler reached temp very quickly and shut down on overheat. I...
  17. M

    Difference between Bentone Inter B9A and B Worcester burners?

    Does anyone know the difference between the model B9a burner installed on the Worcester Heatslave 12/14, and the B9b in the 15/19? On the face of it there doesn’t seem to be much difference. Unfortunately the B9a that I have got has had bits robbed off it so it’s difficult to do a direct...
  18. P

    Help needed! leaking isolation valve on Worcester Boiler

    So, got a lot of water leaking from my boiler. (Old Worcester 28CDI) Looking underneath it appears to be from the isolation valve (at the point where you close or open it) I've switched off my water supply, and turned off the heating for now as I'm about to go to bed. Question is, is this...
  19. S

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Mk4 system boiler that is locked out.

    Hey Folks. I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Mk4 system boiler that is locked out. The boiler was working correctly, then the gas supply was turned off (to service another appliance) but the boiler was not turned off. I assume that the boiler tried to cycle on and off as requested by the...
  20. S

    Worcester Bosch Danesmoor 20/25 Problem

    Is there anyone out there who has come across this problem. Our boiler locked out so pressed the reset button and it seemed that all was fine. Red light went out and fan started etc. About an hour later noticed nothing seemed to be warming up. But motor was still running and no lockout. Called...
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