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Worcester ( (listen) WUUS-tər) is a city in, and county seat of, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Named after Worcester, Worcestershire, England, as of the 2020 Census the city's population was 206,518, making it the second-most populous city in New England after Boston. Worcester is approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Boston, 50 miles (80 km) east of Springfield and 40 miles (64 km) north-northwest of Providence. Due to its location near the geographic center of Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the "Heart of the Commonwealth;" a heart is the official symbol of the city.
Worcester developed as an industrial city in the 19th century due to the Blackstone Canal and rail transport, producing machinery, textiles and wire. Large numbers of European immigrants made up the city's growing population. However, the city's manufacturing base waned following World War II. Long-term economic and population decline was not reversed until the 1990s, when higher education, medicine, biotechnology, and new immigrants started to make their mark. The city's population has grown by 28% since 1980, reaching a new all-time high in the 2020 census and experiencing urban renewal.
Modern Worcester is known for its diversity and large immigrant population, with significant communities of Vietnamese, Brazilians, Albanians, Puerto Ricans, Ghanaians, Dominicans, and others. 22% of Worcester's population was born outside the United States. A center of higher education, it is home to eight separate colleges and universities, including Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and Clark University. Architecturally, Worcester is notable for its large number of 19th century triple-decker houses, Victorian-era mill architecture, and lunch car diners such as Miss Worcester.
Worcester is the principal city of Central Massachusetts, and is a regional government, employment and transportation hub. Since the 1970s, and especially after the construction of Route 146 and interstates 90, 495, 190, 290, and 395, both Worcester and its surrounding towns have become increasingly integrated with Boston's suburbs. The Worcester region now marks the western periphery of the Boston-Worcester-Providence (MA-RI-NH) U.S. Census Combined Statistical Area (CSA), or Greater Boston.

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  1. S

    How to check water psi on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 40c ?

    How do you check the water pressure on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 40c? I've searched online but cannot find any help on our boiler
  2. P

    Worcester Greenstar Boiler flu position conform?

    Hi everyone, I have searched on the forum and read many of existing thread however I am not still confident I found all info for my personal case, if someone could help. I am in the process of buying a house and the surveyor identified that the boiler flu might be too close to a opening...
  3. B

    Worcester Greenstar Boiler- Low pressure

    Hi I am really struggling with my boiler. Keep losing pressure for the last week. I have to top up at least 3-4 times a day. No signs of a leak. Converted the garage 2 months ago, but this is happening now- not sure whether it could be a leak there or its the boiler. Isolated the boiler from...
  4. D

    Worcester 28cdi (old type) Guess the Noise

    Ok, following on from my drain tap thread, does anyone have an opinion about this vibration noise. It started a few days ago there's no lockout or fault code and everything works as it should except for the noise. I fancy it's the pump but as they go for about £150 I want to be as sure as i can...
  5. D

    Boiler drain taps on Worcester 28cdi (old type) not draining

    Hi all, new to the forum, I have an old style Worcester 28cdi that I need to drain down to investigate some vibration noise. (i'll be asking opinions about that once the youtube video has finished uploading), meantime my question is; when you open the boiler drain taps, nothing happens. does...
  6. P

    Bosch Worcester Gr8300iw 30 C pressure loss and temperature

    Have just moved home and had a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Life Gr8300iw 30 C installed. It has a thermostat which I had turned down low overnight (but not that low, 18 degrees C) and found the pressure had dropped to something like 0.3 bar the next morning. I topped it up but since then the same...
  7. T

    Worcester Bosch 8000 Lifestyle 30kW : Disparity in pressure readings

    I require to change a slow leaking TRV on the lounge radiator and have a replacement available but I am slightly mystified by the boiler readings etc. The model is a Worcester Bosch 8000 Lifestyle 30kW. Pressing the electronic keys on the front panel shows digital readings of the prevailing...
  8. MancAnt

    Bosch Worcester Junior 28I pressure loss

    Hi all, anyone give any advice regarding our Bosch Worcester Junior 28I .... I have to keep re pressuring it every two weeks ( drops to 0.6- I put it back upto 1.2 and then it drops after 2 weeks). Expansion vessel was re-pressured earlier this year by the installer . It is in warranty until the...
  9. I

    Worcester Junior 24i

    I have a worcester 24i boiler i have no room thermostat/programmer, i have to run up and down stairs to turn it on and off, i know i can get a mechanical programmer but i want a wireless units. Is there one for this boiler. Many thanks
  10. G

    Worcester MT10RF mechanical rf thermostat broken

    Worcester MT10RF mechanical rf thermostat is broken (dropped and all cogs dislodged) Is it possible to just replace the transmitter I.e. the part with the clock in. Also are other transmitters compatible with the MT10RF receiver
  11. T

    Boiler swap. INTEC 40GS to Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact Combi

    Dear Forum members, Hope that you are all doing well! We are thinking of moving our existing boiler from its cupboard to a bathroom corner to free up some space A local specialist has recommended that we install a smaller boiler, so that it fits into the bathroom nicely My goal is to ensure...
  12. M

    Worcester Boiler is crashing/lockout randomly when using central heating.

    Hello, I've previously had an issue with my boiler pressure getting too high with the central heating on and needing a reset. I had a gas plumber come round and he swapped the expansion vessel. The pressure issue seems to be fixed but now there is another issue... When I turn the central...
  13. Stants

    Worcester Bosch 27i system boiler on when off on nest stat

    Hi I've just had a Worcester bosch 27i system boiler fitted on an unvented system I'm very happy with it great install but I've just happened to see it was on , so I checked the stat ( nest ) and hot water was not due on and no heating on either I did notice however that although the heating...
  14. G

    Worcester combi 25Si burner light out

    Hi all. was wondering if anyone knew why my hot water is not working on Worcester Greenstar 25Si . sequence of events: I removed a radiator for decorating , shutting of valves etc then repressurised the boiler back up to 1.5. All seemed to be working . I turned off water overnight. Next day I...
  15. Riley

    Any Worcester guys on???

    And this is why I don’t fit Worcester… trying to help one of my customers out. They had a WB fitted under a year ago which has developed a fault. I told them it would have warranty and to get WB out. Engineer came out and wouldn’t even look at it because he said: Boiler inaccessible - it’s...
  16. N

    Worcester Bosch 8000 Life 35 to replace High Flow 400

    Hi.. Advice please regarding a new Worcester Bosch 8000 Life 35 for a 4 bed detached with ensuite and currently powerful shower which is great. We currently have an old High Flow 400 . I understand heat output will be the same on a 40 / 45 / 50 model but will the 35 be sufficient especially...
  17. Hobo128

    Worcester 24 cdi rsf problem

    Hi all I have a problem with a Worcester 24 CDI RSF.... The old worcester with the grey front..... the problem is low hot water pressure....I've had this before and have never managed to solve it.... checked the filter on the cold inlet and checked the plate heat exchanger too.... any ideas 💡
  18. D

    URGENT worcester bosch greenstar 28i combi not hot water but radiators are fine

    having a few issues with my boiler. worcester bosch greenstar 28i. has been serviced every year. last serviced in jan. i moved into this property in feb. been experiencing these issues since feb but in the past month has gotten much worse. so radiators work fine they all heat up. the combi...
  19. Stanios

    Are Worcester boilers all that?

    Let me preface - I install and repair boilers and in my humble opinion Worcester Greenstar i aka Junior isn't a good boiler. I realise why they are very pupular - the Bosch name, the marketing (best friends with Which?), "trusted" by the big installers. Installation - Probably the hardest...
  20. L

    Idal Evomax 2 100kw vs Worcester Bosch GB162 100kw ?

    Hello, We are looking to replace our 50yr old heating boiler in a open vented system with a new 100kw boiler, or possibly 2 x50kw. The GB162 requires a sealed system, which would require a plate heat exchanger. It seems that the Evomax 2 can connect to an open vented system without a heat...
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