1. Geraint Thomas

    Worcester boiler pump runs for hours

    Hi all, We've bought a property that has a Worcester Greenstar 37CDi boiler installed, with an old British Gas RS2 Thermostat linked to it. I'm not clued up on boilers in any way, though I'm quite handy with mechanics and always like to learn how things work. The problem: The internal Bosch...
  2. W

    Worcester Junior 28i Faulty PCB Board

    I need some help with a Worcester Junior 28i gas boiler and I'm hoping someone here may have came across this fault before ... I have checked the following: 240v at supply connections All internal push on connections are correctly fitted to the PCB board The transformer is giving the correct...
  3. Jpm757

    Worcester Bosch Cycling Issue

    Good afternoon everyone, I am hoping you may be able to help me. I have a Worcester Bosch 19/24CBI boiler and it keeps cycling. When trying to heat the hot water (same for heating) the boiler is off more than it is on and thus unless timed for a very long time never gets the desired outcome. In...
  4. J

    Drain down a Worcester Hi-Flow 550cdi boiler

    Hi, I have the boiler as above which has been very good for the last 13 years or more and is still relatively going strong. However, now, the secondary heat exchanger is kettling and the easiest option is to replace it. Although Worcester Bosch do sell a cleaning kit, whatever route I take, I'll...
  5. J

    Worcester GreenStar 15Ri - fails with blue flashing light

    Condensing boiler installed by local Gas Safe plumber in 2014, not combi. Failed a couple of weeks ago with flashing blue light which googling suggests means no gas, blocked flue or blocked condensate pipe. There is gas, the flue is clear, and the condensate pipe goes into the under-sink waste...
  6. Q

    Worcester MT10RF mechanical rf thermostat is broken all cogs fell out

    Hi I have a Worcester MT10RF mechanical rf thermostat and it is broken dropped and all cogs dislodged leaving me confused how they put together. I have sat there for 3 hours straight working it out and still can't get it together even left with a orange peace that I have no clue were it goes...
  7. C

    Worcester 35 HE plus boiler/ tr2 thermostat controller replacement

    Ive moved into a house with a worcester greenstar 35 HE plus boiler in the garage. The TR2 thermostat controller is hanging loose on the wall in the living room, and is faulty. I want the TR2 replaced with a controller i can set a timer on, either digital or mechanical, the TR2 has three wires...
  8. M

    Greenstar CDI, Pressure loss, not HE

    I am a retired gas engineer. Corgi and Domestic Electrics + Building Surveyor. I have a Greenstar CDI 35kw that I fitted in my own home 15 years ago, serviced regularly, no issues till now. Suddenly its losing full pressure in approx 2 hours. I have concrete floors with buried copper pipe but...
  9. I

    Which Worcester Greenstar boiler to choose ?

    I presently have a Greenstar 24i junior installed, it's probably about 12 years old and getting cranky, the engineer suggested upgrading it to a 30 model sometime, but he just realised that the gas pipes would need changing (from 15mm to 22mm). My question is, which model would you suggest...
  10. N

    Worcester 28cdi ii - Hot water problem.

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice regarding a Worcester 28cdi ii , I get hot water only at certain times when the central heating is on and even then the hot water is in short supply, there is a tank next to the boiler. Is there a way of having hot water all time when needed...
  11. G

    Boiler options - Ideal, Worcester Bosh, or Viessmann?

    Evening Hopefully you're not sick of this type of question! I've had a few quotes for a boiler upgrade (going from a regular boiler (~15 yrs old, on its last legs) to a combi) - all recommending different brand/model of boiler, and all company's are saying that their recommendation is the best...
  12. L

    Worcester Bosch FS 30 CDI not coming on demand for heat

    HI All, Weird problem with an FS30 CDI, The boiler does not come on when demand for heat (LR terminal) is on, but I can turn it on manually via the service menu. Heating controls all seem fine, but anyone seen an issue before where it doesn't seem to register the demand for heat and just stays...
  13. B

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Pump Speed

    Can anyone tell me if the greenstar 24i circulating pump modulates? i have been looking at param 2.1c which references settings 0 to 4, i know the factory default setting is 4 (constant high pressure) which to me implies that it would not modulate on this setting, does it need to be setting 0 to...
  14. F

    Worcester Oil Boiler Trouble

    Hi All, I have a Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 oil boiler which is causing me lots of heartache and grief. About 3 months ago it locked out and wouldn't fire up when reset so I called out the local (but recently retired) engineer to see what he thought. He thought it was the pump so he serviced the...
  15. R

    Worcester Heatslave humming

    Heatslave 20/25 subtle humming from boiler new motor fitted fully serviced recently, it's the sort of sound you would get from a HV transformer that sort of hum deep and annoying, nothing to do with circulation pump it's still there with the circulation pump off. I guess it only leaves the oil...
  16. P

    Worcester boiler makes intermittent rumbling noises

    Our boiler makes these very loud rumbling noises every 2-3 minutes. We're quite used to them now but they have become a lot more regular over the past year or so (it only used to happen once every half an hour or so) and they can be quite annoying. Our boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 24I Junior...
  17. J

    Worcester grecnstar - changing the plate

    Hi all, I'm due to change my first plate on a Worcester Greenstar next week (not looking forward to it). I found this on Youtube. Is it really as easy as this guy says? And what about checking/replacing the O-rings? Any tips most welcome. Thanks Jennie
  18. D

    Worcester greenstar heatslave ii central heating problem

    Hi I have an oil worcester bosch greenstar heatslave ii combi boiler. It's about 5 years old. The problem I have is when the thermostat calls for the central heating to come on. Most of the time the boiler light will come on, the boiler might fire up for a couple of seconds then the light will...
  19. moonlight

    Worcester Bosch Fault code P3

    A customer rang this morning, says they have a intermittent fault on the boiler P3. Its a Worcester CDI30 I think from a past visit. I did quote for a new boiler 10 months ago, but the old one is still hanging in there. I looked on line as I don't have the book with me. Any suggestions? He says...
  20. M

    New Worcester Bosch startup whooshing sound

    Hi We just had a WB Greenstar 8000 Life 30kW System installed in the loft, and every morning when the heating comes on, the very first thing the boiler does is emit a loud whooshing of water away from the boiler, which results in what sounds like a bucket of water being chucked into the...
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