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worcester bosch

Worcester Bosch (commonly referred to as Worcester) is a United Kingdom based heating and hot water products manufacturer.The company was founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in Worcester, England. After changing its name to Worcester Heat Systems Ltd, in 1992 the company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, adopting the new name of Worcester Bosch.
Headquartered in Warndon, the company employs more than 2,000 people across the headquarters and manufacturing plants in Worcester and Clay Cross, Derbyshire, including a network of over 300 service engineers and over 80 technically trained field sales managers.

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  1. K

    Worcester Bosch boiler not working for hot water

    My Worcester Bosch boiler works for the central heating system but doesn’t turn on for hot water. On the boiler the chimney sweeper icon is flashing and then 100. Not sure what this means or what I need to do? Can anyone advise as I’m clueless
  2. grumpydad

    Baxi 836 Vs Worcester Bosch 8000 35kw

    Hi all. My glowworm e50 has seen better days. Situation = 4 bedroom detached house, header tanks in the loft, all the rads are singles, they are all the originals from 1996. No TRVS. Some are rusted on the bottoms. Vented heat only. Essentially, it's time to spend some money. Got two...
  3. P

    Intermittent Hot water issue with Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35 CDI

    I have a 16 year-old Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35 CDi combi boiler, which is recently suffering from intermittent issues with the hot water. I usually get the shout from a family member who’s in the shower and found there’s no hot water. If I’m near the boiler when this happens, I can see the...
  4. I

    Cost to repairing a leaking Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler flow turbine

    Hi there - could someone please tell me what is a reasonable price to pay for a plumber to repair a leaking Worcester Bosch combi boiler flow turbine, pls? Ta!
  5. A

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30 CDi - Pressure loss

    Hi all, Recently moved into a new house and noticed the Greenstar boiler has low pressure on the dial. Quick Google suggests using a key, valves, or fill loop to increase the pressure. Only problem being is I don't have either of those things. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Jpm757

    Worcester Bosch Cycling Issue

    Good afternoon everyone, I am hoping you may be able to help me. I have a Worcester Bosch 19/24CBI boiler and it keeps cycling. When trying to heat the hot water (same for heating) the boiler is off more than it is on and thus unless timed for a very long time never gets the desired outcome. In...
  7. L

    Worcester Bosch FS 30 CDI not coming on demand for heat

    HI All, Weird problem with an FS30 CDI, The boiler does not come on when demand for heat (LR terminal) is on, but I can turn it on manually via the service menu. Heating controls all seem fine, but anyone seen an issue before where it doesn't seem to register the demand for heat and just stays...
  8. B

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Pump Speed

    Can anyone tell me if the greenstar 24i circulating pump modulates? i have been looking at param 2.1c which references settings 0 to 4, i know the factory default setting is 4 (constant high pressure) which to me implies that it would not modulate on this setting, does it need to be setting 0 to...
  9. D

    Water Hammer following Combi boiler installation

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar i combi installed. Since installation water hammer happens when hot taps are turned off, but only when the heating is on. Have you experienced the sam?
  10. moonlight

    Worcester Bosch Fault code P3

    A customer rang this morning, says they have a intermittent fault on the boiler P3. Its a Worcester CDI30 I think from a past visit. I did quote for a new boiler 10 months ago, but the old one is still hanging in there. I looked on line as I don't have the book with me. Any suggestions? He says...
  11. M

    New Worcester Bosch startup whooshing sound

    Hi We just had a WB Greenstar 8000 Life 30kW System installed in the loft, and every morning when the heating comes on, the very first thing the boiler does is emit a loud whooshing of water away from the boiler, which results in what sounds like a bucket of water being chucked into the...
  12. J

    Hot water from Worcester Bosch Greenstar30i combi

    I have a newly installed Worcester Bosch greenstar 30i combi boiler. When i have the downstairs hot tap fully open, the upstairs hot water bath tap has very little flow. Is this a boiler problem, or is it down to the water pipe configuration, ie the downstairs tap is the easiest path for the hot...
  13. S

    Why is my Worcester Bosch 24i making this noise?

    Hello All. I have a Worcester Bosch 24i RSF (NG) that until recently has been working ok (not superb, but does it’s job). What is happening is there is a noise that I can only describe (through my years of working on cars) as, as if it is boiling and knocking maybe “kettling”. This is...
  14. S

    How to check water psi on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 40c ?

    How do you check the water pressure on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 40c? I've searched online but cannot find any help on our boiler
  15. T

    Worcester Bosch 8000 Lifestyle 30kW : Disparity in pressure readings

    I require to change a slow leaking TRV on the lounge radiator and have a replacement available but I am slightly mystified by the boiler readings etc. The model is a Worcester Bosch 8000 Lifestyle 30kW. Pressing the electronic keys on the front panel shows digital readings of the prevailing...
  16. Stants

    Worcester Bosch 27i system boiler on when off on nest stat

    Hi I've just had a Worcester bosch 27i system boiler fitted on an unvented system I'm very happy with it great install but I've just happened to see it was on , so I checked the stat ( nest ) and hot water was not due on and no heating on either I did notice however that although the heating...
  17. N

    Worcester Bosch 8000 Life 35 to replace High Flow 400

    Hi.. Advice please regarding a new Worcester Bosch 8000 Life 35 for a 4 bed detached with ensuite and currently powerful shower which is great. We currently have an old High Flow 400 . I understand heat output will be the same on a 40 / 45 / 50 model but will the 35 be sufficient especially...
  18. D

    URGENT worcester bosch greenstar 28i combi not hot water but radiators are fine

    having a few issues with my boiler. worcester bosch greenstar 28i. has been serviced every year. last serviced in jan. i moved into this property in feb. been experiencing these issues since feb but in the past month has gotten much worse. so radiators work fine they all heat up. the combi...
  19. L

    Idal Evomax 2 100kw vs Worcester Bosch GB162 100kw ?

    Hello, We are looking to replace our 50yr old heating boiler in a open vented system with a new 100kw boiler, or possibly 2 x50kw. The GB162 requires a sealed system, which would require a plate heat exchanger. It seems that the Evomax 2 can connect to an open vented system without a heat...
  20. R

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave Boiler Smell.

    Hello, this is my first time on the forum. Three months ago we had a 1000 lt fill. We then noticed a strong oil smell when the boiler was firing up. There was no sign of an oil spill. Contacted our engineer to have the boiler serviced, still the strong oil smell was there. Recommended having new...