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worcester boiler

Worcester Bosch (commonly referred to as Worcester) is a United Kingdom based heating and hot water products manufacturer.The company was founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in Worcester, England. After changing its name to Worcester Heat Systems Ltd, in 1992 the company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, adopting the new name of Worcester Bosch.
Headquartered in Warndon, the company employs more than 2,000 people across the headquarters and manufacturing plants in Worcester and Clay Cross, Derbyshire, including a network of over 300 service engineers and over 80 technically trained field sales managers.

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  1. I

    Advice on which boiler to choose

    I currently have installed a Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior boiler in my 2 bed house, I think it's about 12 years old and it's generally been fine (except it is a bit annoying that you can't alter the hot water temperature). but it's getting a bit cranky and faulty now. My regular engineer...
  2. P

    Worcester boiler makes intermittent rumbling noises

    Our boiler makes these very loud rumbling noises every 2-3 minutes. We're quite used to them now but they have become a lot more regular over the past year or so (it only used to happen once every half an hour or so) and they can be quite annoying. Our boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 24I Junior...
  3. F

    Can I pair up 2 Santon Cylinders with this new Worcester Boiler?

    Hi all Bit of a story here. We moved into our house in March 2021 and had lots of jobs to do. On buying the house we were told that the current Boiler was not fit for purpose and we received a £2,500 rebate off the house price so we could get a new boiler fitted. So, the new Boiler was...
  4. JPC123

    Which Worcester boiler?

    Hi - I have been given 2 options of boiler to fit in my small flat, a Worcester 2000 combi or a Worcester 28 compact. The W 2000 is £150 cheaper with 6 year guarantee and the compact has 10 year. I have read the later on repair costs on the 2000 are lower as it easier to work on, I would be...
  5. M

    Worcester Boiler is crashing/lockout randomly when using central heating.

    Hello, I've previously had an issue with my boiler pressure getting too high with the central heating on and needing a reset. I had a gas plumber come round and he swapped the expansion vessel. The pressure issue seems to be fixed but now there is another issue... When I turn the central...
  6. G

    Worcester combi 25Si burner light out

    Hi all. was wondering if anyone knew why my hot water is not working on Worcester Greenstar 25Si . sequence of events: I removed a radiator for decorating , shutting of valves etc then repressurised the boiler back up to 1.5. All seemed to be working . I turned off water overnight. Next day I...
  7. M

    Blue light constant on Worcester boiler but no heat

    Blue light on but no heat from radiators. When I reset the boiler, there is a slight chugging noise like it’s wanting to fire up but can’t. The blue light is on constantly
  8. A

    Worcester boiler blue light on

    Good morning everyone, I woke up to find the radiators unusually hot. Went to check the Worcester 30Si and the blue light was on even though no demand (fire symbol) was showing. The room temperature was well above the room thermostat (Honeywell, wired) setting. Hot water is fine. Tried...
  9. P

    Help needed! leaking isolation valve on Worcester Boiler

    So, got a lot of water leaking from my boiler. (Old Worcester 28CDI) Looking underneath it appears to be from the isolation valve (at the point where you close or open it) I've switched off my water supply, and turned off the heating for now as I'm about to go to bed. Question is, is this...
  10. R

    Worcester Boiler change to Combi

    Hi All, I'm looking into changing my conventional boiler (Worcester 30CDi conventional) to a Worcester Greenstar 8000 Style 30kW Combi. My house has 2 bathrooms/4 beds - showers (Aqualisa) in both bathrooms, but never likely to be on at the same time. Has anyone made the switch with these...
  11. S

    Worcester boiler condensate won't drain.

    Good afternoon all, I have a Worcester boiler installed recently. It was moved from the first floor to the loft. Existing 22mm condense pipe was extended to the loft. It looks like the old pipe has no slope and prevents air to get into the boiler condensate trap, preventing condensate to drain...
  12. M

    Worcester boiler part leaking

    Hello this part of my Worcester boiler seems to have a leak and boiler pressure has gone up? Any ideas what this part is?
  13. J

    Worcester boiler pressure issue

    I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i junior boiler that is around 12 years old. I am having issues with the pressure on the central heating. When the boiler is off the pressure is dropping down to 0 (I know it should be around 1 bar). When on it is around 1 bar some of the time, but it can go up to...
  14. S

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i, changed the batteries, no heating, hot water working ?
  15. M

    Worcester fan replaced, pressure now dropped / air in pipes / constant need to top up

    Hi, We recently had a Worcester compact system boiler repaired under warranty where the fan had failed. Since this has happened, the top floor radiator has needed bleeding constantly and additional water added to the heating loop. There's no apparent leak. I'm guessing the boiler is releasing...
  16. D

    Worcester boiler with wireless thermostat

    son has had Worcester style installed and has Easy Control RF thermostat, table tennis stand and Worcester Bosch easy control wireless key for bottom of boiler. Does he need internet connection in house to work thermostat or should it pick up wireless key? I'm h
  17. hammers4spanner

    Fitting a worcester 2000 boiler

    Fitted one of these today and was a bit flumoxed on the valve set up where they connect onto the boiler. In a nutshell i couldnt fit a spanner in to tighten them up enough and the prv connection seemed utter pita. They electric supply isnt long enough either for what i needed and you cant...
  18. S

    Worcester boiler not working and flashing 'EA' error code

    My Worcester Greenstar 29 CDI boiler made a loud bang earlier today, and has now stopped working. It is flashing the 'EA' error code, which according to the manual, means no flame is being detected. I tried resetting the boiler a couple of times but upon doing so, it just makes an extremely...
  19. M

    Worcester boiler droning/rumbling noise

    We've been pleased with our Worcester 36cdi installed in 2013. Over the past few years we noticed a low droning or rumbling noise which gradually increased to the extent that it woke us up in the mornings and pervaded the house whenever the heating was on. Worcester were very helpful and sent...
  20. S

    Worcester boiler / heating noises on shutdown

    hi all, We've got a Worcester 24ri boiler - installed around 3 years ago. When heating the house up from cold / to a higher temperature (i.e. it's firing for longer) = no problem. However, say the house is at 21 degrees and it just drops below that, so the heating is fired up again - it...