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The modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.). They can be distinguished from other verbs by their defectiveness (they do not have participle or infinitive forms) and by the fact that they do not take the ending -(e)s in the third-person singular.
The principal English modal verbs are can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would. Certain other verbs are sometimes, but not always, classed as modals; these include ought, had better, and (in certain uses) dare and need. Verbs which share some but not all of the characteristics of the principal modals are sometimes called "semimodals".

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  1. L

    Radiator won't quite align with pipework

    Hello all, hope someone can adivse me. I've renovating an old, old house, and am in the process of replacing the radiators. So far, so good, but the last radiator in the house is a pig. The existing pipework is set into tiling and is totally immovable, with no give or play in the pipe at...
  2. RobG

    Wheelhead Gate Valve unscrewed but won't slide off pipework

    Hi, this is my first post to this esteemed forum so please excuse any faux pas. The red wheel head gate compression valve has seized half on-half off so I have unthreaded the nuts holding it in place (wasn't easy) ready to replace with a 22mm Pegler ball valve (bought from S...x - the only chain...
  3. D

    He24 - removed rad now won't work at all

    Hi all, I removed a radiator downstairs to wallpaper when I put it back on the he24 will not fire up at all and shows an error code L9. The pressure had dropped to 0 so I refilled the system. This happened when I removed a radiator before but last time I shut off all the rads except the one I...
  4. I

    Hot water won't come on by itself

    I wonder if anyone can help diagnose a problem I'm having. My hot water won't come on by itself. The system is a pretty bog-standard gravity fed type with the cylinder, pump, 2 port valve etc in a first-floor airing cupboard. If I switch on the heating by itself it works. If I switch on the...
  5. brum

    Shower won't stop

    hi guys I have shower that I fitted just over two years ago that won't stop running even when power is isolated.its a Mira Sprint thermostatic like I say it's just over two years old so out of warranty is there anyone on this forum who can advise whether a repair is viable or is it going to be a...
  6. R

    WC won't stop running

    Photo attached if inside of cistern. Water just keeps running into bowl and won't fill cistern. Water inlet seems fine - I think the problem is the seal between the main siphon (?) unit and the lower part of the cistern. If I move the unit slightly (its pretty secure) the leak can be made to...
  7. J

    Pump won't stop running

    Hi First post! I’m having an intermittent problem with our central heating. It’s a fully pumped system almost 30 years old. It has 3 motorised valves for hot water, downstairs CH and upstairs CH. The problem is that when all the timers are turned off, the pump keeps running. The boiler isn’t...
  8. M

    Halstead Best 50 won't turn off.

    Hi all I'm after a bit of advice, a few weeks ago I had the hot water on and after the programmer turned off the boiler stayed on and was venting into the central heating header tank as the pump wasn't running. The only way to turn it off was to turn the power off at the fuse box. If power is...
  9. M

    Mira Platinum shower won't work

    The water doesn't flow and there is a buzzing noise in this shower which has worked well for over 2 years. My husband has cleaned the filters and changed the batteries, but this hasn't made any difference. We can't find anything else to try in the installation guide. Mira want £159 to come and...
  10. B

    Tap is jammed and won't turn off

    Morning everyone, The hot water tap in the bathroom has decided to throw a tantrum and doesn't turn off, I have turned the mains off for now. The taps in the basin and tub are pretty bog standard and they tend to drip slightly unless I fully turn them off making it hard for a child to turn...
  11. W

    Help! Leak from under concrete floors behind bath. Stops when boiler turned on!

    I have a leak coming from under the bath and is coming through concrete floor/wall egde. When the boiler/heating is turned on it temporarily stops. The heaters are now slowly stopping to heat up. When the water mains is turned off, it stops but this is not practical as it turned off the upstairs...
  12. A

    Running bath waste pipe under floor?

    I want to replace a normal bath with a low-level bath for elderly mother, to keep it as low as possible I'm also thinking of sitting the outlet under the floor. It won't bisect any joists just run along side them and sit below floor level through wall and out to hopper. There will basically be a...
  13. T

    Wet kit

    Hi was wondering if yous guys would be happy using a wet kit on a condenser while your fga is getting serviced. I've no problem using it on a standard EFF boiler but never used 1 on a steamer.
  14. J

    Glowworm spacesave kfb70 _ help

    Hi' all new member. Went to a glowworm space saver kfb 70 which won't fire' forth led light won't come on. Home owner had a engineer out who replaced the PCB, GAS VALVE AND ELECTRODE +LEAD+ NEW APS , but still didn't fire up. When top. Front cover is removed it. Will fire up, run and when...
  15. W

    Hydrogen powered homes.

  16. F

    New boiler with filter in a dirty system

    Lets say I have a new boiler installed into a system which hasn't been very well flushed (or worse - not flushed), but I install a good filter. If I clean the filter often, will the filter be able to protect the boiler? I know that flushing is important and I've described an unlikely scenario...
  17. F

    Additional PRV

    Hi there, just looking for a bit of confirmation. I've got a Combi with a PRV letting by. It's not the easiest position to replace so I'm thinking I'll just add an additional one on the PRV pipe work. Apart from making sure that it's set to the same max pressure is the one inside the boiler I...
  18. U

    Driveway drain blocked

    Hi everyone, I've got a small drain on my driveway it almost looks like a soakaway but it won't clear I've already managed to get my hand down and clear what I can it was full of dark thick sludge and I put some water down and soda crystals which at first looked like it cleared but after...
  19. M

    Running washing machine waste - long "trap"

    I have some routing issues with my grey waste - I have to get over or under another appliance. I don't want to go up, as the washer will back-fill. I was wondering about the possibility of installing the usual pipe down to floor level (for reasons I won't go into I can run a 40mm pipe along...
  20. U

    ballpark costs

    Hello All I've popped on just to see if anyone can help guide with costs and an invoice I've just received for works recently done. This wasn't quoted as the engineer in question has done some work for us before and this job, although not an emergency, was done in haste. Telephone call...