Electrical wiring is an electrical installation of cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets, and light fittings in a structure.
Wiring is subject to safety standards for design and installation. Allowable wire and cable types and sizes are specified according to the circuit operating voltage and electric current capability, with further restrictions on the environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature range, moisture levels, and exposure to sunlight and chemicals.
Associated circuit protection, control and distribution devices within a building's wiring system are subject to voltage, current and functional specification. Wiring safety codes vary by locality, country or region. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is attempting to harmonise wiring standards amongst member countries, but significant variations in design and installation requirements still exist.

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  1. C

    Grundfos Alpha 2 Wiring Connector

    Hi, I note that the Grundfos Alpha 2 requires a special plug to connect the electric wiring. Are those plugs reusable if rewiring is needed? It's an expensive plug, costing as much as a used Alpha pump. Suppliers of refurbished pumps don't supply a plug. Fine if it is a Grundfos like for...
  2. Robooo

    Wiring question series/parallel

    Hay, I'm learning fault finding in CH systems which I'd need help with, please. I've been given a set example: have got hot water but heating. Measuring the resistance around the room thermostat and the motorised valve together gives a lower total resistance than measuring the individual...
  3. A

    Wiring UFH system help

    Hi guys, I have a set up with rads upstairs and UFH downstairs. I have installed the manifold for the UFH along with 2x Honeywell 2port values, one near the manifold and the other on the radiator side. I will be using Nest 3rd gen thermostats to control both the upstairs radiators and...
  4. S

    Wiring a Hive Receiver to Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kw

    Hi Everyone - despite my best efforts I can't seem find a clear answer on how to wire a single channel Hive Receiver to a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kw. I've attached 2 photos showing the connections on the receiver and boiler. With great hope you experts out there can help - thankyou!
  5. N

    Wiring s plan from old set up y plan...?

    Hi all, so things are coming on now at last! New 250 cylinder in loft all pretty much plumbed in. F+E tank binned off, new ups pump, 2 new zone valves imstalled... Now im up to wiring up, have done the immersion, so we have hot water, ive wired in the dual stat. I have me head roughly into what...
  6. J

    Pump control to thermostat wiring

    Hi Installing single zone ufl with Grundfos pump/mixing valve and heatmiser thermostat - not crystal clear from the diagrams how the control connection to LR/LS should be wired (i.e. red on the pump control diagram) Any advice much appreciated!
  7. C

    Programmer fault/wireless stat wiring?

    Hi guys, I have a fault on a clients heating system whereby the heating will stay on regardless of what the programmer is doing on its timed function, it'll switch off at the programmer (no light) but boiler will stay on until they turn the stat down, I went and looked at it, they said they...
  8. S

    Drayton LWC1 wiring centre advice please

    Good morning all I hope you are all well? I am after a bit of advice please, I am looking to fit a Drayton LWC1 wiring centre into my boiler circuit as the wiring is incorrect, someone has linked the Neutral and HW off wires in the programmer circuit for some reason. Looking at the wiring...
  9. B

    Potterton EP2002 wiring with a Y system

    Hi, I'm brand new to plumbing, heating systems, wiring etc and only started to read about it because I wanted to know why our CH would only work when HW was also on. I think we have a Y system based on the Honeywell 3 position diverter valve above the boiler. We have a Potterton EP2002...
  10. M

    Wiring up a WR1 wireless thermostat

    Advice on how to Wiring up a WR1 wireless receiver to a Greenstar 25SI boiler Have LR > C on thermostat Ls > L on thermostat Ns > N on thermostat L > L 230 supply N > N 230 supply Receiver turns on call for heat receives green light comes on but boiler does nothing … reading online I’m...
  11. M

    Salus Quantum rf wiring centre

    Anyone installed any continal UFH wiring centres? Namely the one above as I need to wire it into an s plan system but it is pretty confusing for me.
  12. P

    Unvented cylinder wiring

    Hello all I'm replacing 2 unvented cylinder a which are (a) end of life and (b) installed in a way which is clearly not right (no 2 port shut off valve on the heating coils just for a start, and there are other issues). The heating coils are currently controlled with 3 port valves that are...
  13. A

    Ferroli DOMIcondens HE HIVE WIRING HELP.

    Hello I am a diyer, I am looking at fitting a hive thermostat to my boiler but can't see a wired diagram of where the wires of the hive go on the boiler that's the only part I am stuck on so if anyone could help would be much appreciated.
  14. bunkotungus

    Boiler receiver wiring - Danfoss RX1

    It used to work. But the wire got tugged and pulled all the connectors out (except the grey one, that's still in the correct place). I tried to wire it up again in the below pic but the hot water isn't coming on. Boiler is a Grant Vortex Pro External 26kW oil combi. Since the below pics have...
  15. J

    Wiring a horseman 425 tiara

    Hi,I wish to change a 600 switchmaster heating timer with a horseman 425 tiara.i have connected all the wiring as per instructions.i have however noticed a loose yellow wire on the switchmaster,it looks like it should be connected to term 3 . Is this correct. And when I get round to changing...
  16. M

    Wiring centre for 1UHF and 2Rad zones

    Hoping someone knows a wiring centre that fits this requirement. I have 1 UFH zone (3 circuits) and 2 Radiator zones. Was looking at the Heatmiser UH4 wiring centre schematic, it shows that I can only use zone-4 for a single radiator zone. By selecting the dip switch to not engage the UFH...
  17. J

    Wiring Help Needed replacing a Horstmann C27 with Flomasta 7635

    Hello - I'm a relatively new owner of an old house here in France that was updated by the previous owner who lives in the UK. He used one channel of a two channel Horstmann C27 to control turning on and off the electric water heater. Given that I'm from the states, I'm not all that familiar with...
  18. T

    Additional Wiring for New Boiler?

    I’m in the process of getting quotes from heating engineers to replace an old Ideal Classic LX boiler. My dilemma I have is not so much the difference in prices quoted - I expected that - but the advice being given regards: what to replace it with the need for additional wiring or not My...
  19. D

    Thermal Actuator wiring

    Hi i am not a plumber, nor am I an electrician. Just recently purchased an underfloor heating thermal Actuator. The wiring is as follows, brown, blue, black, grey. The old actuator is red, red, yellow, yellow. can any one tell me what colour matches with what colour? Thanks
  20. J

    Vaillant system set-up help

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can help as I’m getting differing advice every time I speak to Vaillant; We are refurbishing a property and installing a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 system boiler with a Megaflo cylinder. We are creating 4-zones: Downstairs rads Upstairs rads Bathroom underfloor heating...
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