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What's New Pussycat? is a 1965 American comedy film directed by Clive Donner, written by Woody Allen in his first produced screenplay, and stars Peter Sellers, Peter O'Toole, Romy Schneider, Capucine, Paula Prentiss, Allen and Ursula Andress.
The Academy Award-nominated title song by Burt Bacharach (music) and Hal David (lyrics) was sung by Tom Jones. The movie poster was painted by Frank Frazetta, and the animated title sequence was directed by Richard Williams.

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  1. F

    What's a reasonable price for a water softener and iron filter installed, in the US?

    What's a reasonable price for a water softener and iron filter installed, in the U.S.? For a name brand, just replacing the old units, so no plumbing needed.
  2. Dan - Who can advertise for free; what's involved?

    Use to Advertise Your Plumbing-related Company Pretty much all of our services on the forum are free of charge to most companies. View more information below the table. :) Type of Advertising Cost Plumber Adding to Plumbers Directory Free of charge! Company Support...
  3. Dan

    Enquire About Sponsorship Information - What's allowed without sponsorship?

    Enquire About Sponsorship Information - What's allowed without sponsorship? (Working on this page)
  4. M

    What's the best advertising method to sell and fit more bathrooms?

    What are some of the problems you face when advertising? Do you hire agencies to do the work? Do you do the advertising for your own business?
  5. M

    What's the concrete for at...

    At the base of some cast iron soil pipes? Seen it on a few but not actually sure the reason why.
  6. J

    What's this shower valve?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what this shower valve is? I suspect it's a cold mains/gravity hot. It's been in for quite a while, but still working well. Thanks, Jennie
  7. M

    New boiler, what's the average?

    Hi, hope I've posted in t he right area. I have an old potterton conventional boiler that I am looking to get replaced. (HWC CWST etc..) our aim was to look in to getting a combi, just as the impression is they're more efficient etc.. We had a BG rep round recently to quote, he suggested...
  8. O

    AC/DC - What's the best song

    Time for some serious stuff. What's the best AC/DC song?
  9. J

    What's the best tap spanner for individual taps...?

    I've an old 'Shetack' spanner which I've never used for years, also got a 1/2 & 3/4 Monument 'hook' jaw spanner which is badly worn and slips. According to Monument you can't get replacement 'hooks'. I've also got a Rothenberger telescopic version which I've found useless except being spring...
  10. S

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    I'm doing a bit of renovation and finding all sorts of old pipes in the walls that go nowhere (blanked at both ends or just hanging) with the scrap value of copper might as well get rid. I'm not a plumber by any stretch but I am curious. I have this in the attached picture The one on the right...
  11. Last Plumber

    What's the favourite RF Prog Rm stat?

    As title really. If you had to recommend one, which is it? I use Honeywell but find the connections a wee bit small. I probably use them through habit and I only use them when I'm not installing a Vaillant. What are you lot using ?
  12. Harvest Fields

    Answers On what's aloud

    Can anyone tell me the rules on what we can and cannot discuss on this Forum? As I am now slightly baffled.
  13. H

    Fordham toilet overfilling - what's wrong and how can it be fixed? Help

    My toilet is constantly filling, I can always hear a trickle, this is resulting in the over flow pipe constantly dripping outside house. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to fix this? Pictures attached. Thanks for any help
  14. H

    Greetings from Yorkshire!

    Hi, I've only really just began plumbing; have been working with another plumber and taking on jobs as I feel confident and able to do so! At this point, questions come up pretty regularly so am looking forward to any advice that may come my way! :)
  15. T

    What's a fair price for extending combi Flues

    Got some work coming up extending flues for external insulation company. got a few queries please guys... what's a fair price? What paper work would be involved? / Gas inspection record? Cheers
  16. E

    What's happened with Tapatalk and RGi section?

    I cant log on to Tapatalk anymore and cant find or access RGI section anymore
  17. Meady

    What's this all about???

    Is any one else getting this when they post something?
  18. Last Plumber

    What's the white contact button for

    what's that contact button for under the avatar on some people? if you touch it, it will turn grey but nothing happens. Apologies in advance for lack of knowledge
  19. X

    Holding a 3 port valve

    Hi is it possible to hold a vaccum with bungs and change a 3 port valve, and it is 3 openings and I believe you can only have 2 openings, if not does anyone have any other solutions without draining down, or any other tips. thanks
  20. Chalked

    What's with hasad? Forum working weird

    What's happened to the forum?

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