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  1. I

    Has Anyone Used This For ACS Revision?

    Hi Just wanted to ask that has anyone used this website to revise for their ACS revision? the website im on about is...(Not promoting/Not paid) GAS ACADEMY SIGN UP - The reason im asking is because i dont feel that just reading the...
  2. Uheat – Jake

    uHeat New Website - Forum Special Offers

    Recently we've launched our new website with a stylish new design and some new products but with the same exclusive discounts to forum members. All forum members receive 5% discount using the code plumbersforum at the checkout. Trade members can get a 15% discount...
  3. B

    What is this website?

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what is this website? It seems it allows you to rate your customer. Got an email a few days ago about it - seems like someone has done a MyBuilder but for the Trade which, if it's real, would be amazing. The name of the website is rated customer - I reckon it could really...
  4. Lou

    10% Off THE WHOLE WEBSITE at with this code!

    Hi Guys Just a quick message from @FILPLASTIC For the first time ever, Filplastic are offering 10% off our entire site on orders above £100 (Ex VAT and Delivery) until Sunday 30th September. Filplastic already kindly give us 10% off tilt bins on their website but this discount code is for...
  5. H

    Wanted Plumber to cover south birmingham

    I need a plumber to cover south Birmingham for me, suit a recently qualified person as it will be mostly basic stuff, taps swaps, shower swaps, I can help with Gas safe training and will provide a van tools if you havent got one. Money wise you'll be a sub contractor at first, so it will be a...
  6. Dan

    £75 Google Adwords Credit For Free When You Spend £25!

    I've found a way to claim £75 Google Adwords credit when you spend just £25 with them as a new customer. This is a brilliant way to find local business from people searching Google for your trade, products or services. Be sure to use this if you've never used it before. Simply call a Google...
  7. R

    Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag OT-XXL

    Anyone know anywhere in the UK that still sells these? I cant seem to find them for sale anymore. I have the XXL F version but want to get the tote version. Cant seem to find them anywhere, even on the manufacturers website :(
  8. B

    Can anyone identify. Sorry poor picture! Thankyou!

  9. S


    Anyone else having problems accessing hwos website ? . Has it gone down?.
  10. T

    Grant combi flue

    Ive not got much experiance fitting grant combi's. I tend to prefer worcester combi boilers but a customer has specified a grant on this occasion. Ive had a quick online search but could not find the info im after. Do the grant combi's come with a sided flue exit option? Idealy id be looking at...
  11. U

    College Project (Need ORIGINAL plumbing pics)

    Hi Folks, I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding a college (thesis) project. The output for the project is supposed to be a website including original drawings and pictures concerning the water systems in a house. Any ORIGINAL photos on any of these areas would be a great help; -Direct and...
  12. O

    splitting LPG gas line for new separate oven and hob

    Hi all, Having started on the screwfix website and noted that many of the gas discussions were taking place in the plumbing forum, I thought I'd come back to the site that has helped me greatly so far. We currently have a freestanding LPG gas cooker connected via a flexible hose. We are moving...
  13. F

    Displaying logo's on website/van

    Does anyone know if you can display logo's on your website/van such as City&Guilds, Bpec, etc...? Or do you have to notify said companies first?
  14. B

    Can I still work legally ?

    Card ran out yesterday. 5yr renewal taken in march. New photo on gassafe website. As I pay direct debit debit, website says I don`t have to do anything. Is there still delays in sending out new documentation ?
  15. J

    Is a website any good?

    Any info would be appreciated guys and gals. I'm a sole trader based in the north west of England and thinking of getting a website, moving with the times and all that, but not sure of how much business you actually get through them. I've been trading ten years now and never bothered with any...
  16. C

    Registration on the GS register? or not?

    How do you find out if someone is on the gas safe register if: a: you dont know their registration number, and havent seen their id card b: they are not listed on the GS website register Is the website a voluntary thing? I dont want to go and ask the guy direct, but his name or...
  17. R

    advertising my services... but where?

    i've been looking at upping my advertising and thinking about getting a website and after doing some searching on google servicemagic, ratedpeople, mybuilder, bigbuildersbum, freeindex all came up as advertising sites. Doing the maths it looks like my yearly investment after paying out for a...
  18. T

    Marketing Photo's from Manufacturers

    Hi, Does being a certified installed with any of the popular boiler manufacturers give you any special access to images for use on your website? I'm going to be ringing around the manufacturers next week to confirm who offers what but wondered if any of you on here had any experience of...
  19. P

    web site

    Evening, I'm thinking of getting a web site designed. Can anybody recommend a design service?
  20. J

    'That Guy'

    Im a director of a company who is looking for "That Guy" Your probably thinking what does he mean "That Guy"!! Well iv been looking at other companies in my area and they all seem to have that one guy who, Brings them in all the biggest and best contracts. Turned this company into the biggest...