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  1. L

    worcester bosch W11 water heater

    Hi am looking for some help with a water heater that has been driving me crazy. I fitted the Worcester Bosch W11 in a caravan around about a year ago, after fitting this boiler I was having problems with the boiler shutting down occasionally when hot water was flowing so i changed the flow...
  2. L

    Circuit for heat exchanger water heaters (repost)

    [Sorry, I'm reposting this as my thread has been lost due to the URL change] Hi, in a small guesthouse I have 6 water heaters with built-in heat exchanger connected to a look fed by a solar heater and a heat pump. I'm wondering how to connect these heaters to the loop. I made these three...
  3. gort

    Problem with a instantaneous gas water heater running a thermostatic shower

    Hi Guys. just fitted a thermostatic shower to a Vaillant MAG-sine 250/7 ATZFW H multipoint boiler. And it doesn't seem that warm enough, in between the 38% (default setting) and the MAX setting the difference is only 2%. Any idea's how I can more heat out of it? thanks in advance.
  4. cdel2005

    10l water heater pipework check valve

    Hi guys Should the check valve be after pressure reducing valve and before expansion vessel Picture shows existing pipework with check valve before pressure reducing
  5. P

    Fitting a small undersink water heater

    Hello Everyone I will be fitting a vanity unit into a downstairs shower room, there is only a cold water pipe and I need to fit an undersink water heater for the hot water. The vanity unit will be occasional use, and I need to fit it within the vanity unit as the client does not want to see...
  6. justin tuijl

    Instant hot water heater before or after pump?

    Hi, I have a bespoke system in an old building I did myself. At the moment I have the pump before the instant hot water heater. I wondered if it would be better to put it after the pump? So it pumps cold into the heater, rather than pulls hot out of the heater. Thanks for any help.
  7. B

    Water heater leak, is piping wrong?

    Hello, I'm a renter of an apartment with a Viessmann Vitodens 222-w heater. I came back from a 1 week trip and my heater leaked into the ceiling of the apartment below me! I don't know what happened, but after some research, I suspect the heater wasn't installed correctly. Here is a...
  8. D

    LP522 programmer and water heater always on

    Good morning everyone I am facing a problem with the hot water/heating programmer Drayton (LP522): although there are two different programs for the CH and the HW, the latter is always on. In other words, when the heating system is on the water heater receives the hot water coming from...
  9. S

    Oso unvented water heater, leaking and brown marks?

    So for whatever reason i went into my cupboard today where this Oso unvented water heater sits, so while in there i hear a faint dripping noise, i look and notice i see some drops of water dripping from one part of the heater.. i also notice some scorch/brown marks on different areas mainly near...
  10. D

    Instantaneous Water Heater advice

    I would like some advice on an Instantaneous Water Heater that can provide hot water for a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink (1 heater, 2 appliances). The hot water pipe length from the heater to each appliance is roughly 2 metres. This will be for a small outbuilding and so the bathroom sink...
  11. C

    Connect instant water heater to shower.

    Hi Folks I am revamping my bathroom and need some advice. I fitted a hot and cold pumped system to my shower which has a Hansgrohe thermostatically controlled valve for when I have loads of hot water. I am fitting a 9.8kw instant heater on the wall beside the shower to feed mainly the sink...
  12. S

    G3 for 15ltr undersink water heater.

    Any G3 guys on here. Been asked to fit a 15ltr undersink water heater . But wanted to check so you need G3 qual to fit it? Cheers
  13. 1

    Electric Water Heater Advice

    Hi All Sorry if this is the wrong category for my question. Looking for a little advice on an electric water heating system. I have a small cleaning area that has 2 sinks and a spray gun, this is used to clean out refurbished White Goods, so things like Fridge shelves and baskets go in the...
  14. Karl

    Water heater with tap blow off???

    hey guys wondering if you can help, probably can because your experience is a lot longer than mine! I looked at a job where the customer wants to change basin taps, there is a old water heater under the basin, which has no pressure relief valve. I said this to the customer and they seem to think...
  15. W

    Is a single 15 litre water heater sufficient for a flat?

    The background to this is that I have a close friend who runs a charity helping to homeless people into work and accommodation. Needless to say the accommodation is usually right at the bottom end of the range. This weekend she asked me to take a look at a studio flat in Reading where a tenant...
  16. D

    Water Heater advice for Shepherds Hut

    I am building a Shepherds Hut that will be 16ft by 8ft. I want to fit it out with a shower/toilet room and kitchen area and will require hot and cold water for the shower, bathroom basin and kitchen sink. What would be the most effective water heating setup to provide hot water to the 3...
  17. A

    Undersink/oversink hot water heater.

    Hi, I need to install a point of distribution hot water heater for a client in a shop. It will be used to was a few plates and mugs etc. Its purely for their personal use. My question is... is there one that I can fit that doesn't have to have a TRV/PRV fitted? Its right in the centre of the...
  18. R

    the water heater problem... a thanksgiving mystery????

    Good afternoon & thanks in advance for your help & advice I have an American water heater, “FG” series from 2005. I recently awoke to my water heater spraying approximately 6 gallons of hot water out of my tpr valve along with significant condensation on the copper water pipe running into it...
  19. S

    Prosource 4l Boiling Water Heater Titanium

    Boiler - Prosource Boiling Water Heater AEG GYB00416UT Product number - 945115307 Prosource - GYB00416UT Pressure Safety valve with t-piece, hose, bracket, 4 screws and tie wrap. Comes brand new in two boxes, no tap included. Installation and user manuals included. Sensible offers...
  20. theraspberryone

    Advice needed please for Chaffoteaux Britony 2T multipoint

    Hello, Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I have had this water heater for about 20 years and it developed a leak. The heat exchanger has been replaced with a brand new one and the gas section and water section replaced with a re-furbished one. It is all working now but the flames...
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