Washing is a method of cleaning, usually with water and soap or detergent. Washing and then rinsing both body and clothing is an essential part of good hygiene and health.Often people use soaps and detergents to assist in the emulsification of oils and dirt particles so they can be washed away. The soap can be applied directly, or with the aid of a washcloth.
People wash themselves, or bathe periodically, often using a shower or a bathtub. Infants, the sick, and people with disabilities are bathed by a caregiver, but those that can wash themselves often do so. People bathe naked under most circumstances and commonly do so in the privacy of their homes. Bathing may also be practiced for religious ritual or therapeutic purposes or as a recreational activity.
In Europe, some people use a bidet to wash their external genitalia and the anal region after using the toilet, instead of using toilet paper. The bidet is common in predominantly Catholic countries where water is considered essential for anal cleansing.More frequent is washing of just the hands, e.g. before and after preparing food and eating, after using the toilet, after handling something dirty, etc. Hand washing is important in reducing the spread of germs. Also common is washing the face, which is done after waking up, or to keep oneself cool during the day. Brushing one's teeth is also essential for hygiene and is a part of washing.
'Washing' can also refer to the washing of clothing or other cloth items, like bedsheets, whether by hand or with a washing machine. It can also refer to washing one's car, by lathering the exterior with car soap, then rinsing it off with a hose, or washing cookware.

Excessive washing may damage the hair, causing dandruff, or cause rough skin/skin lesions.

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  1. L

    Washing Machine Dirty Water Smell

    Hi, We have noticed for a while now that when our washing machine nears the end of a cycle we get a bad smell of dirty water in the downstairs toilet which is next door. We have moved the washing machine as we are having floor tiles put down and have noticed that the waste pipe is full of dark...
  2. FreignotFrieg

    Washing machine drain line leak

    I’ve checked the rubber washer & it seems fine, any idea how I can solve this?
  3. A

    Connecting a washing machine and dishwasher

    My mum is trying to connect a washing machine and dishwasher in her kitchen. She got a guy out to do the job and he ended up making a hole in her washing machine hose and ramming the dishwasher hose into it, held together with masking tape and charged her 200 quid for the privilege of her...
  4. C

    Water Butt supply to Washing Machine

    A few months ago I wanted to connect a 1000l water butt (fabricated from galv steel) to our washing machine. After trawling many forums and websites for advice the general consensus was don't bother. I like a challenge so connected up the butt initially with nothing else in line, the washer...
  5. T

    Installing a washing machine and dishwasher

    Hello, I'm installing a new kitchen which will have a dishwasher and washing machine. As I'm cutting/teeing into the cold mains 15mm pipe (before the kitchen sink taps) to feed the dishwasher and washing machine is it worth fitting a isolation valve with a built-in check valve? Regards Tezzer
  6. T

    I’ve just put 99.% alcohol in my washing machine by mistake…

    Hi all, I’d really appreciate some advice. I’ve just put half a cup full of rubbing alcohol in my laundry draw by mistake - I thought it was my white vinegar. I’ve taken the draw out and got rid of most of it as it hadn’t gone anywhere - unlike the detergent. But am a little weary to continue...
  7. S

    Washing machine makes scratching noise when NOT running

    I used my LG ThinQ front loader washing machine for the first time this morning. Just to wash some pocketless shirts, so I'm sure there was nothing in there that could have fallen out. Now, however, the washer is making a metallic scratching/ twanging sound every few seconds, even though it is...
  8. P

    Washing machine waste arrangement problem

    Hi, I have just moved the washing machine into the garage and it will not drain. I wonder if it's something to do with the way I have installed the waste? The washing machine is only a month old and was working fine this morning before re-positioned. I put an 1100mm hoorizontal run at around...
  9. T

    Smell from washing machine

    Hello I have ran my washing machine through the autoclean - i have added special detergent like Dr Beckmann yet still have bad smell from washing machine - i have also drained the water that sits in the bottom - any ideas? Could it be a piping issue? Many thanks!
  10. B

    Small washing machine drainpipe, help please!

    My husband is trying to install a Cat Genie, a self-flushing litter box. The box liquifies the cat poop and drains it into the washing machine drain. Our problem is our current drainpipe is only 1.5 inches wide and also made of copper. He is worried about backflow. Do you have any advice for...
  11. B

    Musty mildewy smell a couple days after washing clothes

    This may be a weird question but looking for any thoughts as to what this could be.. i recently in the last few months moved my washer dryer upstairs from the basement. Its a brand new washer dryer front loader. I always leave the washer door open so this isnt the issue, but often when i wash a...
  12. tecnam2011

    Washing machine - compartment full of water

    Hey guys, sorry if this is a daft question but ever since we've had our hotpoint washing machine the compartment on the far left (softener compartments I believe) is full of water after every cycle. See attached. Are we missing an insert here or something? I can't see how else it would drain...
  13. P

    Washing machine Waste Pipe Attached To Machine

    I'm looking to install my new washing machine. The waste pipe was clipped round the back of the machine during transit. It popped out of some of the clips with ease, but one clip seems sealed. I need the extra length, so ideally need to unclip it from the clip shown in the photos below. Is...
  14. NR1234

    Can I plumb a washing machine here?

    Hi I would really appreciate some help. I am in a flat and looking to plum in a washing machine. Could anyone advise if the attached is the right attachment for a washing machine? It’s in a cupboard in the bedroom which is under the stairs! Wondering also if I can buy any machine or if I need...
  15. O

    Washing machine installed correctly?

    Hi there, We have noticed a funny smell coming from behind our washing machine - on investigation it looks like the waste pipe is leaking where it meets a solid plastic U - now what I want to know is if this is installed correctly? The waste pipe runs downwards from the top of the washing...
  16. gambirch

    Plumbing in a washing machine

    Need to plumb in a new washing machine. The room has a sink and toilet one one side, and at the other end of the room, enough space for washing machine and dryer to sit next to eachother. The main waste stack is right next to where the machine will sit So, I need about 5m of copper pipe routed...
  17. M

    Washing Machine Waste

    About twenty years ago, we had an extension built with a utility room for washing machine and tumble dryer. We've been through four or five washing machines since then and I have simply pushed the washing machine drain onto a tapered nozzle which screws on the end of the trap. Recently, Mrs...
  18. S

    Washing Machine Fill Hose

    Hi Scenario,..... I go to install my new Washing machine and the little shut off valve has Seized solid and i can not access the mains water shut off valve, In the past i would bend the fill pipe in half and put a jubilee clip on the bent section while im working on it. Is there a specific...
  19. B

    Do you know why our washing machine is tripping the RCD?

    Hi, Do you know why our washing machine is tripping the RCD?......it works for a bit, then the RCD trips......the other L-N breaker doesnt trip
  20. M

    Vent from washing machine and double vanity

    Hey, just looking for a little feedback on the mock up I drew. I’m adding a washing machine and a double vanity to a 2” pipe I’ll have mounted into my main drain stack. For the vent off of the vanity, is it necessary? I’ve seen an “all hub 90” that would give me pipe to both vanities, but...
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