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Washing is a method of cleaning, usually with water and often some kind of soap or detergent. Washing both body and clothing is an essential part of good hygiene and health.
Often people use soaps and detergents to assist in the emulsification of oils and dirt particles so they can be washed away. The soap can be applied directly, or with the aid of a washcloth.
People wash themselves, or bathe periodically. Infants, the sick, and people with disabilities are bathed by a caregiver, but those that can wash themselves often do so. Often a shower or a bathtub is used for washing. People bathe naked under most circumstances, and commonly do so in the privacy of their home.
In Europe, some people use a bidet to wash their external genitalia and the anal region after using the toilet, in addition to using toilet paper.
More frequent is washing of just the hands, e.g. before and after preparing food and eating, after using the toilet, after handling something dirty, etc. Hand washing is important in reducing the spread of germs. also common is washing the face, which is done after waking up, or to keep oneself cool during the day. Brushing one's teeth is also essential for hygiene and is a part of washing.
'Washing' can also refer to the washing of clothing or other cloth items, like bed sheets, whether by hand or with a washing machine. It can also refer to washing one's car, by lathering the exterior with car soap, then rinsing it off with a hose, or washing cookware.

Excessive washing may damage the hair or cause rough skin or skin lesions.

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  1. J

    Advice needed! Sink flowing into washing machine and vice versa.

    Hi, We live in a rented property and have recently started having an issue with the kitchen sink. When we using the sink the water drains straight into the washing machine, when the washing machine is on the water bubbles up into the sink. We have tried various unblockers, a drain blaster and a...
  2. M

    Help with washing machine installation

    Hi, we've just moved into our first house and I'm trying to install a new washing machine. however between the machine and the sink is an integrated dishwasher. This is making it extremely difficult to install. To make matters worse, the inlet tap for the washing machine is so tight to the...
  3. TonicQuake

    HELP -Plumbing in Washing and Dishwasher

    Morning, can you someone please help me. I'm looking to install a dishwasher. picture attached is the current setup. from what I can see there is only one cold water supply and waste pipe, which is currently used for the washing machine. What do I need, to be able to adapt this to allow...
  4. B

    Undersink plumbing washing machine etc

    We've been having issues with our washing machine recently where it is filling up in the drum overnight with clean water. I just went to look underthe sink to check (actually don't know what I was checking for!) anyway I knocked a small blue lever about 1/4 turn and all this water came gushing...
  5. H

    Connecting washing machine & dishwasher outlets

    Have recently had a new sink fitted. The trap (is that the right word?) underneath the old sink allowed for connections from the waste outlets on both the washing machine and the dishwasher but the new fitting has only provided one outlet, currently connected to the washing machine (far right on...
  6. D

    Pipework to put a washing machine in the the garage

    Hi all, I want to put the washing machine in the garage but will need to do the pipework. The only water pipe going into the garage is the one for the combi boiler, which is also in the garage. Would it be ok to come off the water pipe for the boiler? Thanks for reading
  7. M

    Washing machine install - taping pipes to side

    Hello. I have a little problem with my integrated washing machine Unfortunately it overhangs the rest of my units by just a few mm. To create a bit more space, I've taped the pipes to the side of the washing machine. See pics here: Washing machine Washing machine I know this isn't ideal but...
  8. W

    Pulled out washing machine, this is what we found.

    We moved in to our house 4 years ago. Previous owners where there for 7 years, and bought from new. Yesterday we had our washing machine replaced. Couldn't believe my eyes once they had got the old machine out. Take a look at the photo. Shame our washing machine didn't pack up two years ago...
  9. A

    Greasy clothes - washing machine

    Hi all, Hoping somebody will have come across this before. Clothes I have washed are coming out of the washing machine greasy. Almost as if they have oil on them. This has started happening in the last few weeks. I got a washing machine cleaner from Tesco and that made it ok for a month or...
  10. F

    Washing Machine Water Valve

    Hello, I'm preparing for my new washing to arrive and trying to disconnect the old one. I'm having problems turning the hot water valve off. The red lever won't turn either way like the blue one does. Do I need to get a plumber in or should I leave it for the delivery guys who are going to...
  11. Sue66

    Bathroom smelling after using washing machine

    A young girl called me to her small ground floor flat to investigate a really bad sewage smell coming from her bathroom after she uses the washing machine which is in a cupboard next to the bathroom. She said the washing machine and bathroom have been there since she moved in 3 years ago and...
  12. Bogart

    Washing machine hose

    Are some washing machine hoses better than others? Will soon be fitting a washing machine and for the sake of a few quid, spent on a better hose, would like to get a reliable one. All you see in Screwfix, Amazon etc look very similar and would assume of same quality. Most are blue, or red, but I...
  13. S

    E08 on a Hoover Washing Machine

    Hello, I've been trying to find out what a 'EO8' code means on a Hoover Washing Machine (Model: DYN8144 DIX). I've contacted Hoover directly and they won't tell me other than it's 'a motor problem' and want to charge me a fortune to call out an engineer and trying to sell me a new washing...
  14. Daniel Cook

    Wachine Machine vs Sink problems

    Grey flexible tubing on the left is the washer/dryer waste. We've noticed waste from the sink has ended up in washer/dryer. Also whilst it's running now I hear a noisy squelch coming out of the sink drain, like it's sucking in. It's a new washer/dryer, can't remember if it happened with the...
  15. P

    washing machine waste is a hole in floor

    was replumbing my mums new washing machine in for her - lives in a wee old peoples fold and notices the standpipe isn't there just a hole in the floor and the hose sorta pushed into it (now at least I know where the awful smell is coming from) is there any way to put a standpipe in or an adapter...
  16. J

    Washing machine waste pipe - noob question

    Hi, I have a washing machine that is too far from the waste connection so I'm trying to use an extension. I'll map out what I have so far: Tapered washing machine hose > outlet hose connector (secured both sides with a jubilee clip) > generic washing machine hose kit > waste spigot under...
  17. 1

    Resiting washing machine. Help with waste

    Hi, I'm looking to move my washing machine into our garage which backs onto the kitchen, with a floor approx 6-8 inch lower. The issue being that the drain is on the adjacent kitchen outside wall, 3.5 metres away.. I can get the waste between the joists to come out level with the external open...
  18. R

    Washing machine problem

    Hi, I've just moved into my new home and I've noticed there's only one connection (blue) for the washing machine. My washing machine has 2 connections (red and blue), it's a Zanussi Aquacycle 1000. It does seem to work like a cold fill though as it doesn't start to warm up until about 30 mins...
  19. S

    Strange site disconnecting washing machine

    So I'm about to disconnect my washing machine after reading wikihow and I'm not faced with the two water valves to turn off. The pipe thats connected has no valve?? Could anyone please help?
  20. T

    Washing Machine Drainage difficulties - advice on options

    Hi all, I'm new here, basically I have a situation whereby I'm wanting to move the washing machine out of kitchen into the utility room (which is basically a boiler room). Problem is I have a door to get past to access a foul waste pipe. I have rainwater gulley outside but advised I can't go...

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