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wall hung

The Wall is the eleventh studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 30 November 1979 by Harvest and Columbia Records. It is a rock opera that explores Pink, a jaded rock star whose eventual self-imposed isolation from society forms a figurative wall. The album was a commercial success, topping the US charts for 15 weeks and reaching number three in the UK. It initially received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom found it overblown and pretentious, but later received accolades as one of the greatest albums of all time and one of the band's finest works.
Bassist Roger Waters conceived The Wall during Pink Floyd's 1977 In The Flesh tour, modelling the character of Pink after himself and former bandmate Syd Barrett. Recording spanned from December 1978 to November 1979. Producer Bob Ezrin helped to refine the concept and bridge tensions during recording, as the band members were struggling with personal and financial issues at the time. The Wall was the last album to feature Pink Floyd as a quartet; keyboardist Richard Wright was fired by Waters during production but stayed on as a salaried musician.
Three singles were issued from the album: "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" (Pink Floyd's only UK and US number-one single), "Run Like Hell", and "Comfortably Numb". From 1980 to 1981, Pink Floyd performed the full album on a tour that featured elaborate theatrical effects. In 1982, The Wall was adapted into a feature film for which Waters wrote the screenplay.
The Wall is one of the best-known concept albums. With over 30 million copies sold, it is the second best-selling album in the band's catalogue (behind The Dark Side of the Moon) and one of the best-selling albums of all time. Some of the outtakes from the recording sessions were used on the group's next album, The Final Cut (1983). In 2000, it was voted number 30 in Colin Larkin's All Time Top 1000 Albums. In 2003, 2012, and 2020, it was included in Rolling Stone's lists of the greatest albums of all time. From 2010 to 2013, Waters staged a new Wall live tour that became the highest-grossing tour by a solo musician.

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  1. B

    Wall hung toilet movement pre-silicone

    Hi, just installing a wall hung toilet on a grohe duofix frame + hardie + metro tiles. All fine so far, just pushed the pan on rods and tightened as test run before attaching flush pipe and waste. When fully tightened I can still lift the pan up slightly I.e. bottom of pan comes away from...
  2. P

    Wall hung basin pulling away from wall

    I went in to fit a small wall hung basin today and had a devil of a job trying to keep it tight to the wall along the top edge. I’ve done a couple of wall hung basins before but never had one where the fixing points were right at the bottom. It was supplied with 2 wall anchors which I installed...
  3. J

    URGENT duravit wall hung bidet

    what is the size of the allen key used to fit a duravit wall hung bidet on a geberit frame
  4. M

    Wall hung toilet

    Hi, i have recently had to do a DIY job on a wall hung toilet as couldn't get a plumber booked. I did the grohe rapid sl frame against a solid wall. No movement that i could physically create. I used some timber to frame and put some plasterboard and mdf panelling on. Now the toilet is secured...
  5. W

    Wall hung toilet

    Good evening all, I've purchased a wall hung toilet frame (Abacus) and installed the toilet pan this evening but it's not seated against the wall and there is movement (bsdically I can move the pan up and down a little bit). What could be the issue? Struggling to fix iy and I've cut down the...
  6. M

    Missing bits for my wall hung toilet

    My plumber says I’m missing the bits that go into the back of the toilet (two small holes either side) he’s only fitted side fixing ones before he’s says. Anyone know what they are called. Unfortunately I bought from Victoria plum and they are no use
  7. S

    Shortest concealed cistern available?

    I am having a wall hung toilet installed in an upstairs bathroom. The toilet will be built into a wall which will be 780mm tall. There will be a 10mm thick piece of wood stuck on top to give a total height of 790mm. This built out wall will protrude 220mm from a brick party wall. I have found...
  8. D

    Toilet Waste Not Aligning With Wall Hung Unit

    Hi Everyone Just looking for some advice with this issue I have with a wall hung toilet I am adding to my bathroom. The problem I have is that when I set the ideal height of the toilet (410mm when sitting on toilet) and taking into account tiles and hardibacker (approx 30mm?), the waste pipe...
  9. A

    Wall hung toilet

    I’ve eventually got the pan installed on the frame! What a nightmare that was!! The frame and pan are Grohe. Just got a couple of questions: 1) The flush plate is quite bulky and stops the flush part in the cistern fully opening. Seems a poor design and feels like I need to pad the back of...
  10. O

    Wall hung toilet in brick work with rear soil pipe

    Hi, First post (be gentle!) I joined looking for advice and hope someone can help! I’m looking to get a wall hung toilet but have a couple of issuers. The wall is breeze block (3 inch thick) then a cavity before the external wall. The cavity is about 4-6 inches in size from what I can tell...
  11. B

    Wall hung wc question

    We're looking to install a wall hung wc and hope to include it in a run of units. I'm thinking we can do it with a half height frame and normal concealed system. Can we do this against a stud wall or do we need a solid wall to attach the frame or cistern to? Also which makes do you recommend?
  12. G

    Q re fitting Vitra frame and wall hung WC

    I have a Vitra reduced height 75/108cm frame to fit a Vitra wall hung WC to. I also have a 550 x 210mm cabinet to fit around it. I have a few questions:- 1. To ensure the cabinet fits I have to fit the frame flush to the back wall and have had to remove the rear cross-member of the cabinet to...
  13. J

    Wall Hung Toilet Frame

    Hi Our plumber has just fitted a wall hung toilet frame. However he found that the frame to too tall and came above the window ledge. To make the frame fit, he has sawn off a horizontal bar at the top of the frame. The horizontal bar removed were where the brackets to fix the frame to the...
  14. C

    Wall hung toilet frame advice

    Am looking to fit a wall hung toilet in the next few weeks. I am completely confused by which frame to buy! Am I right to stick to something like grohe or gerberit...
  15. O

    Geberit wall hung carrier unique situation

    I have a very important customer that wants a Toto wall hung toilet. I would like to use a Geberit. The unique part is the customer wants a remote flush button and not the carrier access panel in the bathroom. My supplier states that the carrier can be hung rotated 180 so the access and...
  16. R

    Removing wall hung pedestal

    I was sent a pic of a wall hung pedestal with a leak from behind the pedestal and was wondering if they are generally fitted with springs or bolts? I don't have a pic but there are no screw covers on pedestal so I guess it's springs. Sorry for lack of pic.
  17. J

    Advice on plumbing Grohe wall hung frame

    I'm fitting a wall hung toilet using a Grohe frame and would appreciate advice on connecting the waste to the soil stack (to the right in the image). I am planning to connect the Grohe supplied waste (black pipe) to the stack using solvent weld pipes (don't trust the push fit not to leak) - the...
  18. P

    Soil Pan Misaligned - Wall Hung Toilet

    Good morning, I'm looking for some advice please. I'm a DIYer. I'm fitting a wall hung toilet in our downstairs toilet but the frame is very close to the soil pipe, it has to be really for it to work. My issue is (other than not planning it well) the soil pipe alignment. Pics below: As...
  19. R

    Wall hung toilet leaking

    Hi all, I would really appreciate some advice as I am in a panic! I have a Duravit wall hung toilet connected to a Geberit system. Fitted about 5 years ago. About 6-12 months after being fitted the screws were tightened up as it was moving slightly when sat on. No problems since then. It...
  20. F

    Enna wall hung basin manufacturer

    Can anybody tell me who makes this, l need to find the support brackets for it Its 650 x 450 and l don't want to rely on rear fixings alone in a wet room Retailers next to dumb....... It has channels and apertures for the usual rails and post cast in the underside If not, any suggestions for...