1. S

    VENTED central heating system - water circulating through header tank

    Two years ago, I requested a fully qualified plumber to change the location of the hot water cylinder in a vented central heating system. I wanted to move it from the first floor to the loft, which he did. During the last two years, I have often noticed when I have been up in the loft that the...
  2. tonyt

    Vented system - Expansion / fill pipe or pipes?

    Hi, I'm coming to the brainy forum for a proper answer! Scene - vented system, was originally gravity with Aga, then oil boiler with integral pump, then new oil boiler last year with fully pumped "Y" system. I have problems with air in radiators. I find there is a single 22mm expansion/fill...
  3. M

    Horizontal Vented Hot Water Cylinder

    Is a horizontal cylinder (indirect) as efficient as a standard vertical cylinder? No choice but to use use a horizontal but just asking the question to those who have experience .
  4. P

    Heating system ? Vented? Unvented?

    Hi, I had my heating upgraded a few years back by my housing association. I had electric heaters before now I have hot water radiators. I still have a tank in the loft and a hot water tank in the cupboard. Cold water comes from the tank in the loft. Hot water also has low pressure too...
  5. T

    Vented system to Combi

    Hi, So I can get my head around the work involved in this. currently have vented system with boiler in kitchen. Moving to Combi, staying in kitchen. has 22mm gas suuply and condense pipe can go straight out the wall. Hot & cold already in cupboard. in the airing cupbaord what needs to be done...
  6. B

    Vented Cylinder Recommendations

    Hi All, Wanted to get some thoughts on vented cylinder recommendations, I saw a thread on unvented recommendations and not sure it was very conclusive. I've been doing a fair bit of research and cant work out the best route, I started looking at RM Cylinders as that's the one I'm replacing but...
  7. D

    Gravity and vented thermal store.

    Apologies for the unusual question, as I am an interested DIYer. The question is, why do you need a gravity coil, on a thermal store? Surely, you'd get better flow rate from direct connections to the side, as there would be no friction and you could use 35mm or 42mm copper pipe, to a 2 inch...
  8. B

    Short cycling Bosch Worcester 30CDi Greenstar - Bypass Valve?

    My first post, so apologies for any incorrect terminology I had a Bosch Worcester 30CDi Greenstar Classic Regular Boiler installed in 2014. The Boiler is used in a vented S-plan system, with two motorised valves, a manual Bypass Valve, a British Gas (Grundfos) Multi-head pump, Hot Water...
  9. G

    Why are Cylinders rarely in the loft for Trad. Gravity Vented Systems?

    Sorry if I come at this form the wrong direction. I'd like to move my vented-cylinder into the loft. I run two shower-pumps too. I realise a sealed-cylinder is the easy route. Sadly I've not got much mains pressure. Combination boilers don't really have the grunt for fire-hose showers. I'm...
  10. Bogart

    Bleeding rads on open vented system

    On a thread I started recently , cannot find which one, somebody mentioned that bleeding of the rads on an open vented system should be done with the pump off so as to not possibly draw air into the system. Do I read into this then that auto bleed valves are not a good idea on that type of...
  11. B

    Pressure relief valve on vented HW cylinder

    Hi I'm in the process of getting a multifuel boiler stove installed. The stove will be heating a 134 litre gledhill Indirect vented HW cylinder with a separate pumped CH circuit as its a 4 port boiler on the stove. My question is in regards to pressure relief valves with a tundish and discharge...
  12. M

    dripping drain off on vented central heating

    If a drain off valve is leaking on a vented central heating system, due to not shutting off. As the washer has perished. Has anyone had success in swapping the inners over in this without draining down, if quick?
  13. M

    Strange airlock on pumped vented shower

    Hi all. First Post and in need of advice. I'm not a plumber but I have 20 years in engineering, manufacture and pipe fitting so have a bit of an idea. So I've recently refitted the main bathroom and en suite. I've installed a Stuart Turner monsoon 3 bar pump to a conventional hot water...
  14. M

    New multifuel boiler stove system

    Hi, I am in the middle of planning a new boiler stove system for my house. As a back story I've no idea when it comes to plumbing, I've done some research and I am trying to get an idea of what is achievable and efficient. I will of course be using a plumber to do all the work, I just want as...
  15. A

    Vented hot water problem

    Hi everyone, Recently my central heating system has developed a problem. When the system is on and just calling for hot water the boiler lights and runs for 1 to 2 mins and gradually starts kettling before cutting out. Once it has cooled a bit it cycles and does the same again. If it is...
  16. S

    No vent pipe to F&E tank but is a vented system - need help to understand this

    While cleaning the airing cupboard I noticed the F&E vent pipe was not connected. The F&E tank water supply pipe connects direct to an air separator by the boiler. I assume air gets out of the system through this pipe via the bottom of the F&E tank. I have a vent pipe into the cold cistern from...
  17. mbc0

    Tightening the connectors on a vented cylinder

    Hi all, 2 things if that's ok? Firstly what do most people use to tighten the connectors on a vented cylinder? the insulation is so thick the connector is in a tunnel of approx 1 1/2 - 2 inches deep so impossible to get a spanner in there without removing loads of insulation? I may have to...
  18. T

    Vaillant 430 Open Vented Boiler - Not firing up

    Hi Chaps, We've just had a new boiler/system installed by a plumber and it was wired separately by a qualified electrician, the electrician wired this as per the Vaillant manual. The system is fully filled and vented but when trying to call for heat or water via the stats nothing seems to...
  19. G

    Replacement of indirect vented cylinder with indirect unvented cylinder

    Following completion of plumbing work today I would appreciate any advice on the following two issues : Q1 I have had a 150litre horizontal indirect cylinder (Telford Brand) installed today on an unvented system. After the plumber left I saw the installation instructions which state – “ The...
  20. S

    Venting a return circulating pipe from boiler (open vented system)

    Hi I am thinking of modifying the pipework to my Baxi 24 solo he. At the moment the feed and return both point upwards. I intend to feed the return from the bottom, so I will need a vent on the return, any suggestions of the best way to go about it. I am thinking of removing the supplied return...
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