Vanity is the excessive belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others. Prior to the 14th century it did not have such narcissistic undertones, and merely meant futility. The related term vainglory is now often seen as an archaic synonym for vanity, but originally meant considering one's own capabilities and that God's help was not needed, i.e. unjustified boasting; although glory is now seen as having a predominantly positive meaning, the Latin term from which it derives, gloria, roughly means boasting, and was often used as a negative criticism.

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  1. M

    Combined vanity and concealed wc

    I have a cloak room that has a width of 1035mm that I am wanting to put a combined concealed toilet and vanity in. I was looking at a 550mm concealed toilet and 450 basin. But apparently the 450mm basin vanity of this model is incompatible with the 550mm concealed toilet unit. Has anyone managed...
  2. M

    Installing vanity unit

    I have a vanity basin and concealed cistern toilet to install. In place if a wall hung basin and toilet in a down stairs cloak room. The only problem is it's a tiled floor and the original toilet has been fit then tiled around. So when I remove they'll be a hole in the floor tiling. The new...
  3. back2thefuture

    Duravit space saving waste and vanity unit

    Hey everyone, I have a Duravit vanity unit and was recommended to buy the Duravit space saving waste: 005076 But im unsure how this connects to the waste pipe in the wall. The plumber has fitted a standard waste, but he had to cut a hole at the back of the vanity. There is another to install...
  4. L

    Need help finding a particular toilet/ vanity unit

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying the fittings for my new bathroom and I'm trying to find a combo toilet/ vanity unit. The one i'm looking for is the darky navy one the second image on the gallery on mabathrooms . I spoke to the guy who owns ma bathrooms and he said that the customer...
  5. N

    Double sinks in vanity

    I have two sinks in our vanity and the outlet is in the centre. The wastes I have seen in Bunnings put the P trap under one of the sinks and the second sink drains to that P trap. Unfortunately I am having draws under the sinks and an access door in the centre for the P trap but I cant find a...
  6. M

    Vent from washing machine and double vanity

    Hey, just looking for a little feedback on the mock up I drew. I’m adding a washing machine and a double vanity to a 2” pipe I’ll have mounted into my main drain stack. For the vent off of the vanity, is it necessary? I’ve seen an “all hub 90” that would give me pipe to both vanities, but...
  7. 2

    Floating vanity unit on solid non supporting wall.

    Hello, I have a 4inch solid block wall and thinking of changing my basin to a floating vanity unit. Without having to build a stud wall to hide the pipes, is it possible to track into the wall 1 &1/4 for the waste pipe and for the 1/2 inch hot and cold. The plumber I had in wouldn't do this...
  8. C

    Leaking vanity unit

    Hi everyone. Looking for some regarding a leak in my vanity unit. Plumber installed vanity unit and cut pipes and added connectors to them. I have checked yesterday and the cold water one seems to be leaking. Is there any putty or sealant that should be applied to these small plastic screw...
  9. J

    Trap / Waste for vanity unit

    I am looking for a basin waste and trap. I know the simple plughole and chain wastes are possibly the easiest to manage with but whats the next best - click clack ones? As to traps - best to stick with the tried and tested S or P or go for a Macvalve...
  10. E

    How do I access the cistern in this vanity unit??

    I fear it may leaking as the plastic skirting has cracked at the bottom and I'm worried we'll go crashing through the floor...
  11. M

    Roca vanity unit

    Are roca vanity units a decent standard? Need one with draws and with legs at the front. Roca seem to offer this design.
  12. G

    Vanity unit built in sink mixer tap leaking at the swivel. Is it repairable?

    Hi, The mixing tap swivel in my bathroom sink has began to leak. Can anyone tell me if it's repairable or if it needs replaced. I attached a few photos. Is it possible to remove it from the top and add a new seal.
  13. A

    Anyone want to purchase a vanity unit

    Hi does anyone want a vanity unit boxed and packaged - very good values and brand new! Available at sites such as wickes who are fantastic to assemble comes in glossy type grey really nice and large sink basin also
  14. P

    What waste to use for basin and vanity

    I'm fitting and basin and vanity what waste is best to use P trap or Bottle trap. Thank you Paul
  15. V

    Problems sealing wastes on vanity basins

    I have recently fitted three vanity basins at my daughter's house and in every case have had a problem sealing the waste to the basin.I have used the washers supplied without sealant and all three have leaked. To remedy it I used Basin Mate ( I think that's what it's called) which basically is a...
  16. V

    Connecting up a Victoria Plum vanity unit

    My daughter and son in law recently bought several vanity units from Victoria Plum or Victorian Plumbing. To make things easier they also bought the traps and pop up wastes.The first problem I had was the outlet from the trap was too small to take a standard 32mm waste pipe, I therefore bought...
  17. S

    Vanity unit

    Does anyone know anywhere that I can get a really nice looking upmarket double vanity unit? Ive had a look online at loads of sites but nothing jumps out
  18. I

    Vanity unit overflow / waste....

    Hi everyone, Newbie here, any help appreciated. Was in the trade for 20 odd years but moved into FM (ok, I know....):wacko: so am a bit rusty but still do everything around the house etc. I have a cupboard mounted vanity basin (Qualitex Eden 40) which has a leaking waste. House is only 4 years...
  19. M

    dimensions of a built vanity unit

    I am building a tiled boxed area for a wall hung toilet and recessed basin. When working out where to fit them in the space provided do you half the space and centre this in each half and that becomes the centre of the toilet and basin (llike a vanity unit) or do you make it so the 3 spaces are...
  20. B

    vanity toilets

    hi most vanity toilets seem to come with a 2" to 11/2" flush pipe pulled a flush mechanism out of one last wk and fitted another make 2" flush valve to find the existing flush pipe 2" nut would not fit the new valve .ended up fitting an 11/2" fluidmaster with a red rubber and smaller flush pipe...
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