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Upstairs Downstairs is a British drama series, broadcast on BBC One from 2010 to 2012, and co-produced by BBC Wales and Masterpiece. Created and written by Heidi Thomas, it is a continuation of the London Weekend Television series of the same name, which ran from 1971 to 1975 on ITV.
The series resumes the story of 165 Eaton Place, the fictional setting of both iterations of the programme, in 1936, six years after the original series concluded. Jean Marsh reprises her role as Rose Buck, who becomes housekeeper of the re-established household, with Ed Stoppard and Keeley Hawes playing its new owners Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes Holland. The first series, consisting of three episodes, was broadcast across consecutive nights during Christmas 2010. The second series consists of six episodes, first aired between 19 February 2012 and 25 March 2012. The series ends at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.

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  1. R

    Boiler hot water issue & water pressure issue upstairs. please help!

    Hi everyone, New here & my first post! I have a Worcester greenstar 24i, it is a conventional boiler, it has a water tank upstairs. For the past year the hot water when turned on was intermittent. I repressurised the expansion vessel to 1 bar and the hot water switch when turned on worked...
  2. A

    Lukewarm water upstairs

    Hi, I am getting hot water in the kitchen when I turn the kitchen tap on. However the hot water in the upstairs bathroom for both bath and sink is only coming luke warm. I have an old Worcester combi boiler and the boiler ignites when I turn either of the upstairs hot taps on. The bath hot...
  3. fango7

    Leak from bathroom upstairs

    Hi all, have a leak in landing from upstairs bathroom. This only happens when sink taps are on, not shower or toilet . Think it is a boss connection between sink waste to soil pipe. And think this is happening in corner where toilet is and that is where sink and soil pipe connect Just want...
  4. L

    No Water At All Upstairs

    Hi, We have no hot or cold water upstairs and the toilets don't flush. The condensate pipe on our combi boiler froze yesterday but this was sorted and we have heating upstairs and down, and hot and cold water downstairs. Plumber couldn't see what was wrong. We're assuming it must be frozen...
  5. Q

    One noisy upstairs radiator

    Hi all, I registered on here with the hope you’ll be able to help me. I have one radiator which when the CH is turned on it makes a loud rushing noise (the only way I can describe it) it’s loud enough to wake you up in the morning. The only way to stop it is by turning the pump down but...
  6. F

    Why can't I get Upstairs radiators to work independently

    Hi, wonder if anyone can give some advice. Recently moved into a new property. It has external OIL combi boiler which is new and works well. Downstairs has underfloor heating - which works well. Upstairs has wall radiators - which work well - but ONLY if the downstairs thermometer is calling for...
  7. D

    Radiators hot upstairs and cold downstairs

    I've a pressurised CH system with a combination vented cylinder. I live in a two story house with 4 radiators upstairs and 4 downstairs. I recently had the CH pressurised and the cylinder also was replaced. The problems is that the radiators upstairs are getting nice hot but the ones downstairs...
  8. B

    Can I move my Kitchen in an upstairs maisonette?

    We live in an upstairs maisonette, and currently have a kitchen/living area, with 4 units. We are doing a loft extension and the kitchen/living area will become a kitchen diner. However, we will need to move the kitchen to the other side of the room. The kitchen pipes currently go straight out...
  9. bill90

    Boiler OK - No upstairs Heating

    My boiler is fine and I am getting heating downstairs and water on demand up and down. On the upper thermostat when i manually ask it to come on - the boiler is not getting the demand. The electric motorised valve is making a racket so I am thinking it might be to do with that. When the...
  10. nick_a_louse

    Air getting into upstairs radiators. Possibly caused by kettling?

    I need some help from the internet before I waste any more time and money trying to fix air getting in to my central heating! Looking for advise on what to do next, as the 3 plumbers I've used so far haven't been much use. Down in East London, near Romford for what it's worth! Issue summary...
  11. DJseals

    Upstairs radiators only work when HW is on

    Hi guys, Weird issue i am having with central heating. I thought it was a pressure issue as rads upstairs were heating intermittently or just getting warm sometimes while rads downstairs are hopping. I have found that upstairs rads only work when hot water is turned on. Its zoned with a 2 port...
  12. sosyalkizlar2

    Water Leakage Problem From My Upstairs Neighbor?

    Water is leaking from my upstairs neighbor into my house. He claims that the water leak was not caused by him. I called a master from site for water leak detection. But he could not enter my neighbor's house for detection. What do I have to do in this situation?
  13. B

    Heating issue upstairs rads

    So for the past 3 years I’ve had little or no heating upstairs in my house. I have a dual system. Open fire and oil. Neither circulate hot water to radiators upstairs in either bedrooms even if I turn off all the rads downstairs it only warms a little. I had the whole system professionally power...
  14. DJseals

    URGENT Upstairs rads only warm

    My rads upstairs in bedrooms today only getting warm. The bathroom and ensuite are not used but when trouble shooting today they got red hot when on. Downstairs rads all get hot very quickly, and hot water works. But rooms only warm. 1 bedroom was cold. I understand balancing a system, but that...
  15. P

    URGENT Drayton Digistat No Working! No Heating Upstairs!

    Morning All I have a Valliant Ecotec Plus boiler which runs our under floor heating at ground floor and rads on the first and second floors. Both systems are controlled via a Drayton Digistat SCR with a receiver on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. All has been working well...
  16. G

    URGENT Removal of baxi back boiler now i have installed a combi and no heat upstairs

    i have relocated the pipes from the old boiler and remove the hot water and heating expansion pipes i have used the hot tank pipes to fix a small rad in the old airing room removed the pump and connected the flow and return from the boiler 5 out of eight rads d/stairs work the rest nothing this...
  17. L

    No hot water upstairs

    Hi all, all of a sudden there is no hot water coming out of the taps upstairs, well sometimes it will get warm for a couple of minute then go stone cold. When I turn on the hot water the boiler doesn’t even kick up, odd occasion it will then straight off and it’s back to cold. the hot water...
  18. B

    Upstairs heating

    Ok I have a dual oil and back boiler system. Ever since I moved into this house of horrors I’ve had no heating upstairs. Downstairs rads ok but nothing upstairs . No air in system and all valves open. Can’t figure out why no pressure upstairs. Had the whole system professionally flushed as well...
  19. P

    Cold tap in upstairs bathroom flow problem

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with the cold tap in my upstairs bathroom. There is barely a trickle of water coming out, while the hot water tap is running fine. I'm not having any problems with any other cold taps in my house. A Google search suggests that there may be an airlock in the system...
  20. M

    Soil pipe from upstairs bathroom into downstairs

    hi, new to the forum today, i had a bathroom installed a couple of years ago upstairs which was a bedroom above what was a downstairs bathroom in a dorma bungalow, the plumber plumbed in the soil pipes from the toilet and shower etc into the existing low level system doenstairs and used a swan...
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