Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product. In computing and consumer electronics an upgrade is generally a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.

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  1. T

    Recent boiler room upgrade

    For those interested, here’s a recent install.
  2. T

    Oil Boiler and System upgrade

    Hi All, We have finally decided after a bit of a persuasion to have installed a utility room in our garage that currently houses our oil boiler. Initially we thought the boiler may stay in place but after discussions with the builder we would have to move the boiler to replace the floor and...
  3. U

    Boiler upgrade options

    Hi all, We're looking to update our existing central heating setup and wanted to get a few more opinions. We currently have an open vented conventional boiler with cold water expansion tank in attic and indirect vented hot water cylinder. Initially we thought we would just swap to a combi...
  4. P

    Replacing Heatmiser UH2 with updated model

    Hi all, I have a Heatmiser UFH installation, 7-8 years old now. This week we noticed that a few of our heating zones were not warming up, even though the thermostat was showing the flame symbol. They were working fine last winter. I knew from when I looked at the installation in the past that...
  5. C

    Radiator upgrade on 10mm pipework

    Looking to upgrade a couple of rads in my house but wanted to get some advice on suitability. I have a glowworm bg330 31 kw conventional boiler which currently feeds 10 type 11 radiators 5 up 5 down. The upstairs is run in 15mm pipework and the downstairs in 10mm. I'm looking to upgrade the 2...
  6. R

    Wireless opentherm upgrade ?

    Hi all Had my old baxi 105 replaced with a baxi 630. Got the ifos fitted and set to curve 40. So far all ok. My controls are a salus iT500. Now I realise this is not opentherm compatable, so is worth upgrading to an opentherm smart thermostat to work along side the weather compensation ?? I...
  7. F

    Wireless Thermostat upgrade

    Hi all, I have a potterton promax combi boiler with a very basic Neomitis wireless thermostat. If I upgrade to a programmable Neomitis thermostat what are the chances it will work with the existing receiver - I’ve no idea what receiver it is or where it is but it’s currently working.
  8. A

    Wunda manifold upgrade

    Hi guys - hoping someone can help... Have a 12 yr old Wunda 2-zone wet underfloor heating system which is starting to fail (zone heating up despite stat being off) and a generally old and inefficient thermostat system. Difficult currently to get anyone to come have a look at it, managed to get...
  9. C

    Ufh to y plan with upgrade to s plan

    It looks like I have 2 options. The first uses the existing pump, the second uses another pump to pump water exclusively to the ufh manifold and pump. I have already taken off a separate flow and return from the top of the boiler. I would like to know which would work best. Any advice welcome...
  10. D

    20 year old UFH - Upgrade?

    Hi, I have domestic water based UFH - 20 years old. House is 100 years old with 5 beds. UFH everywhere. Works okay but perhaps could be better. Top of house is coldest. I have newish worcester boiler(Greenstar 8000 life). System is on 4 different storeys, 5 manifolds and perhaps 18 loops...
  11. Riley

    Customer wants options on upgrade

    Evening all, I have a customer that is looking to upgrade their current system. Typically I gave them a wealth of installation options last time but they didn’t think they’d change too much. 5 years down the line now they find themselves with an old old boiler that is in need of upgrade and a...
  12. C

    Worth getting a combi / boiler upgrade

    My current boiler is 20 years old , works fine however I’d like to simplify the heating system in house as have tanks in loft , pumps and hot water tank in on suite. I have had some quotes for a powerful combi which should be fine. I am in to minds if I should upgrade though as gas boilers...
  13. J

    Glowworm Hive Upgrade

    Hi, I have a glowworm systempro programmer installed using climapro rf thermostats I’m wanting to upgrade the system to hive. There is no wiring centre as everything goes through the systempro programmer. will I need to rip this all out and start wiring from scratch in new wiring centre...
  14. S

    Eon boiler grant upgrade extra costs

    I've been approved for a new boiler on the scheme. My old Greenstar 28i Junior mark 3 has been great. They're fitting a replacement Greenstar 30i. However there's some high charges extra for a new flue, new brackets, flashing kit and other bits and bobs. This is around £300. A few services ago...
  15. J

    Cast Iron central heating in a church, should we upgrade?

    Hi All, I'm after a bit of advice about our church heating. We have a cast iron central heating system in the main church building that has recently suffered a leak where it joins onto the newer (circa 10 years old) boiler feed steel pipework. Finding a contractor who wants to work with cast...
  16. justmeromeo

    Horstmann Centaurplus C21 Upgrade to Smart Thermo

    Hi, My parents' house has an old programmer and thermostat which I want to upgrade to a smart thermostat - either a Nest or Hive Smart Thermostat but I'm not sure if either will be compatible with the current system that we have in place. Programmer: Horstmann Centaurplus C21 Thermostat...
  17. S

    Easiest upgrade to a wireless Honeywell programmable controller

    One of the temperature buttons has become unresponsive on the wireless controller. I cleaned the pad with switch cleaner, no improvement. I've seen that Wolsley seem do a rebranded version that's cheaper but I quite fancy Hive etc. Will any smart thermostats work with the existing boiler...
  18. S

    Boiler upgrade for extension?

    We are currently part way through a part single storey part double storey extension which is going to involve removing the existing unvented hot water tank from the first floor airing cupboard. We had originally planned on replacing the existing boiler (a Worcester Greenstar 24Ri) with some kind...
  19. C

    Do I need a 2nd gas meter or will upgrade suffice?

    Hello - I would appreciate your help on the question of whether I need a 2nd gas meter. At present I have a U6 meter serving a WB combi 28kw, a gas hob 8kw (downstairs) and a 49 yr old Glow-worm boiler (14kw) (upstairs). The Glow-worm boiler has finally packed up and has been disconnected as it...
  20. A

    Heat only boiler to combi upgrade

    Hi all, Looking for some advice, moved into a detached house which has 4 bedrooms, 1 bath and an electric shower, 14 rads in total. The current setup which i have no idea how it works, has a heat only boiler which looks quite old and a cylinder in the bedroom cupboard, pics attached I've had...
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