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  1. r1k1n

    Advice need about a decent Under-the-sink Water Filter system

    Hello there, Our water has been found out to be extremely hard and we were advised to perhaps install a decent under-the-sink water filter system. I've done some research and found many on eBay and have also found the Brita MyPure 1 system (but that one is a wee bit pricey) but would like to...
  2. r1k1n

    Where best to post about advice needed about good undersink water filter tap system

    Hello there, I'm fairly new here and would like to know where it would be best to post in regards to advice I'm seeking about buying an under sink water filter system. Many kind thanks in advance, Rik .
  3. B

    Undersink plumbing washing machine etc

    We've been having issues with our washing machine recently where it is filling up in the drum overnight with clean water. I just went to look underthe sink to check (actually don't know what I was checking for!) anyway I knocked a small blue lever about 1/4 turn and all this water came gushing...
  4. P

    Fitting a small undersink water heater

    Hello Everyone I will be fitting a vanity unit into a downstairs shower room, there is only a cold water pipe and I need to fit an undersink water heater for the hot water. The vanity unit will be occasional use, and I need to fit it within the vanity unit as the client does not want to see...
  5. S

    G3 for 15ltr undersink water heater.

    Any G3 guys on here. Been asked to fit a 15ltr undersink water heater . But wanted to check so you need G3 qual to fit it? Cheers
  6. G

    undersink water heater recommendation

    i have to specify water heaters for charity-run community hall with infrequent use, about 15 hours a week. they want undersink heaters for the two cloakrooms. will be two basins in one, and a basin and sink in the other. looked at Redring instaneous 9.5kw (they have 3 phase) or ariston 3kw 15l...
  7. A

    Ariston Andris Lux 3kW 15Ltr Undersink Water Heater

    Hi All, I am thinking of installing one of these heaters. The online instructions says that it can be installed without an expansion tank if it is 4.2m from a cold water tap. I have a tap about 3.6m from a standard screw isolation valve. If I connect to the isolation valve the pipe work would...
  8. S

    secondary return for small 15L heater?

    Hi guys , planning a job which is comming up shortly , basically need to supply hot water for 3 basins , 2 of which are far enough away that i would say need a secondary return , i have picked out a 15L unvented water heater by hyco {sf15K} , which would do the job nicely but ideally need a...
  9. D

    atiston Europrisma water heater

    evening all might be a daft question but hopefully all i need is reasurance. i have been asked to move a water heater in a cafe that has been what really should be a walk way so its causing a bit of trouble in its current location. the unit is a undersink unit and the new possion would be a...
  10. V

    oversink water heater

    a customer wants an undersink water heater to replace a oversink handwash,there is a premises next door to kitchen area and nowhere to run blow off,and too long a run in other direction of store,would a galaxy aqua oversink do job,even fitting expansion kit on undersink,question ,Can i get...
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