underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling that achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using hydronic or electrical heating elements embedded in a floor. Heating is achieved by conduction, radiation and convection. Use of underfloor heating dates back to the Neoglacial and Neolithic periods.

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  1. P

    Refilling underfloor heating

    Hi, gotta a bit of an issue with refilling my underfloor heating. Am I right in saying that the flow meters along the manifold should be on the top rail, but as you can see they are at the bottom? Also have I got to loosen off the electrical actuators at the top to refill the system? Cheers
  2. S

    Would you use this piece of software if available? Why? At what price point?

    Hi guys. I've been running an UFH installation/ repair business for 7 years now and one of my main frustrations is finding the parts for the UFH. I've got quite good at it over the years being able to recognise the manifold brand and generation by just looking at it but then I have to go through...
  3. D

    Nu-heat Blend valve not working on underfloor heating

    Hi, I have I blend valve from Nu-Heat ( they bought it from Reliance, as per attached spec). I have dismantled the valve now 3 times and replaced it with new components from Nu-Heat but the valve is not working properly. The valve replacement seems very simple with 4 main components and some...
  4. mehmet

    Combi underfloor heating and external boiler connection?

    Hello, I have a gas boiler in my apartment that heats a net area of 300 m2 with an underfloor heating system. The boiler has a capacity of 45 kW. There's no issue with the heating system, but I want to increase the hot water capacity. I plan to connect an external 200-liter boiler. How can I...
  5. C

    Renewing inhibitor in underfloor heating system.

    We have a Daikin Air Source heat pump feeding our hot water and under-floor 8 port manifold heating system. The Daikin has just had its annual service and the engineer commented that the water looked discoloured and that the inhibitor needed replacing?? Is this an easy procedure? I'm pretty...
  6. H

    Underfloor heating loop not raising floor temperature

    I'm attending a wet underfloor heating system, it's an old one ..No flow meters, just adjustable valves on the returns with conventional actuators. Problem is , one loop (far right in photo) isn't heating the floor (timber suspended) . I've bled the loop via a hosepipe, shut off all the other...
  7. D

    Redbrick house from 1904 - Already has underfloor heating

    Hi, I have an 1904 redbrick 2,500 square feet house. We have UFH on every floor. 3 Floors House is reasonably well insulated but far from perfect. Would there be any point in installing a "air to water" heating system that could link into my existing UFH??
  8. H

    Honeywell Underfloor heating controllers

    Hi there, I'm considering having my heating system controlled by Honeywell Evohome. I have a question about the underfloor heating controller.... I have a single zone water underfloor heating in the kitchen. The controller is currently a Wunda. I've never been all that happy with it because...
  9. R

    Underfloor heating advice for a very shaky floor (not kidding)

    Hi all! So yes, Richter level 7 earthquake at least. I need to plan an underfloor heating for a 4x4 expedition/overlanding off-road vehicle, and it has to be able to withstand hundreds of miles of Australian corrugated roads and many thousands more of very bumpy roads of all sorts. A shaky floor...
  10. S

    Wet underfloor heating connection

    Hi, I have had an extension built with underfloor heating installed. The area is open plan and some 64 sqaure metres. Two pipes of 100m each were used - so the manifold has two "ports". I have a couple of questions if anyone can help please. 1. Is the 200m of pipe enough for the size of the...
  11. R

    Radiator vs underfloor heating

    I am in the process of having an extension for approx 4m by 6 m including sky lantern Whilst I appreciate underfloor heating would be good don’t think I can afford this however would a large vertical radiator be enough to heat the area space
  12. E

    Cleaning Magnetite in underfloor heating system

    Hi! I have mostly underfloor heating in my house and one new radiator and two old. A bit of metal pipes and three manifolds, but mostly PEX-pipes. The heat source is a Vaillant FlexoCompact 88/4 heatpump. The plumbers which installed the heatpump added Elysator Sanol (cleaning agent) and...
  13. R

    URGENT My bathroom underfloor heating is not working

    My bathroom underfloor heating is not working. It does work in the other rooms except bathroom. What could be reason ? I completely closed bathroom thermostat and re opened it still doesn’t respond.
  14. J

    Radiators vs Underfloor heating large space

    Is underfloor heating much better than radiators for a largish open plan space? The room is 46 m sq, L shape open plan space with 4.6m of bifolds and another 2m and 3m run of bifold on the L, pitched roof on 3m of the space meaning a bit more than standard ceiling height there, total volume of...
  15. P

    Wiser Kit 3 with underfloor heating

    Hi, I'm after some advice on converting my current CH system to Wiser smart system. In particular, looking for advice on whether I can use the Wiser Hub without using Wiser's specialist Underfloor heating controller. Current set-up • System boiler (Vaillant ecoFIT pure 630) with unvented hot...
  16. A

    Underfloor heating - zone not heating properly

    We moved into our flat over the summer and haven’t really used the heating much and no guides or anything we left so really don’t understand how it works! It is a wet underfloor system, with 5 zones controlled via a Loxone app (smart home system). Currently the room furthest away from the...
  17. N

    How should I efficiently operate my underfloor heating?

    We have a weird 'dual' system in our 2 floor house we just rented out - meaning that the ground floor has an underfloor system and the top floor has a classic radiator system. Both are hooked up to the gas boiler (as well as the hot water tank/cylinder). I've never had underfloor heating before...
  18. K

    Underfloor heating manifold

    Hi all. We have underfloor heating on a couple of levels in our house. One floor was not heating and I asked advice from a plumber we have used before. I sent him pictures of the manifold in question. While this was going on I switched off fuses and replaced batteries etc. The heating has kicked...
  19. A

    Completely clueless underfloor heating

    I live in a property where underfloor heating was already installed by a previous owner. No manual was left, not even sure of the model/setup of our system (other than the fact that it’s a wet system linked to my boiler/central heating system & I can see these pipes behind a cupboard). It is...
  20. R

    advice on how to flush out the pipes on my central heating system.

    I need advice on flushing out my central heating system. Lower two floors underfloor, top floor radiators. Oil fired system
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