The word tundish originates from a shallow wooden dish with an outlet channel, fitting into the bunghole of a tun or cask and forming a kind of funnel for filling it. These were originally used in brewing.
In general, any tundish will accept flow and store a small amount of material, while dispensing material elsewhere, similar to a funnel. In contrast to a funnel, the purpose is generally to regulate flow, and achieve a more steady output with intermittent inputs, and the tundish typically will take on a different shape.

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  1. C

    Ariston Classico HE STD 150 unvented cylinder leak

    Good evening, I'd like your opinion on something that is worrying me please: my landlady's plumber replaced the bottom/night element of my 20-year-old unvented cylinder (an Ariston Classico HE STD 150) 5 days ago and I hadn't noticed that it was leaking. He fixed the leak today but now the...
  2. A

    URGENT Tundish - shorter than the required 300mm???

    Hi, Recently had a new heating system and unvented hot-water cylinder installed (conversion from vented with tank). Everything is working fine despite the installation being rushed at times. The 'main' guy (not the installer) from the company I used (with very good ratings) - can work with...
  3. andycorleone

    Kitchen Piping Tundish problem

    For over a week the kitchen sink is leaking water from what I think is called tundish ( I thought is was called overflow but little google search maybe pointed me to the right name) my guess is the pipe is slightly blocked because this only happens when there is a huge amount of water coming...
  4. P

    Water dripping through tundish and not draining away

    Hi, complete novice here. The other day we noticed a brown stain on the kitchen ceiling. We have an unvented hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs and when checking this, I noticed that every time the central heating is on, there are some drips of water coming from the nuts/bolts...
  5. paul77

    leaking tundish and electric flips

    water constantly running through tundish and electric flip when turn heating on.
  6. C

    Leak hard to find - possible pressure issue?

    Hi all Totally new to this forum and hoping for some guidance. Two weeks ago we noticed a brown stain on our kitchen ceiling. Above it is the bathroom and airing cupboard where our hot water tank is. We have a closed system. The pressure had dropped on our boiler and so we topped it up (have...
  7. N

    URGENT Temporary leak into tundish when boilers fires up

    Hi. I've just had my unvented hot water cylinder replaced. Works fine, apart from a slight trickle into the tundish when the boiler comes on after a period of inactivity for about 10 mins, which then slows to a drip and stops. He replaced the expansion vessel, all valves etc with new parts...
  8. G

    Tundish dripping of a morning

    Hi everyone I’ve noticed the tundish on my megaflow drips when hot water has been on of a morning . It stops after I’ve had a shower . I noticed the shower tap is stiffer and water jets out when switched on . Obviously too much pressure in system but it’s still only goes to 1.5 bar . How can...
  9. J

    Tundish in unvented cylinder system throwing lots of hot water away

    We’ve had some issues with our boiler system making loud noises recently which sound like a bath being filled when you’re sat downstairs. Upon inspection of the cylinder upstairs (boiler is downstairs), we can see lots of hot water coming out of the tank through the tundish and we have no idea...
  10. daviddlow

    Dripping into tundish - turn water off?

    Hi folks - We have cold water passing through the tundish and out to the overflow pipe pretty much 24/7. I can't get a plumber out until Monday. There is no other reason to have the boiler on just now, is it safe / preferable just to shut everything off until the plumber can get out? I...
  11. S

    Occasional Drip Through Tundish From Unvented Telford Tornado

    I‘ve noticed that very occasionally I get a slow drip through the tundish and out through the overflow, only when the hot water is running. It drips about once every 10 mins or so and the water feels cold. It doesn’t drip every time the hot water is running but as I said above occasionally...
  12. T

    How to pipe a tundish to a 22 mm vent pipe?

    Hello everyone I’m just wondering how you go about piping a 22 mm vent pipe into a tundish when the inlet on the tundish is 15 mm and the outlet is 22 mm. Attached is a photo of the vent pipe from the cyclinder going into the CWST that needs redirecting into a tundish then to a drain. Many...
  13. K

    Tundish dripping on a Joule Unvented Cyclinder

    I have recently noticed that the tundish is dripping ever so lightly. I had a new boiler fitted in Nov and at the time the tundish was flowing a lot but the plumber fitted a water pressure valve which seemed to stop the dripping, but it has started again. Pressure on valve is same as was...
  14. gmartine

    Unvented cylinder in loft - terminating tundish

    What would folks usually opt for easiest route to soil stack?
  15. P

    Leaky tundish - advice please!

    I have the usual problem of a dripping expansion relief valve on the cold supply to an unvented cylinder, which is shortly to be replaced (the valve) by a G3 plumber. What made it worse is that the drip (which has become an almost continuous dribble) tends to run down the inside of the tundish...
  16. I

    Dripping Tundish on a Tribune HE hot water tank

    Tundish dripping, not sure if TRV or another pressure relief valve, the mini white tank not being upto pressure or something else. Suppose job will be work out problem of dripping, and also help identify why diverter valve won't activate when hot water is needed to be tested. I have to hit the...
  17. S

    Water in tundish

    I have an unvented hot water system and water started leaking from the expansion vessel. I called a plumber and he came and replaced the the vessel but since then if i feel around inside the tundish it is wet, not dripping, just a bit wet inside towards the top and sometimes a little water falls...
  18. T

    Heatrae Sadia unvented cylinder & Tundish

    Hi All I have a Heatrae Sadia unvented cylinder... with the usual PVR on the side... which discharges to a tundish which is then connected to a 'fanny trap'. The problem - Water trickles through the tundish after about an hour or so of the hot water being heated and the pressure rises. It's...
  19. P

    Cold water leaking through tundish after service of cylinder

    Hello, We have had our unvented cylinder serviced for the first time a few days ago (the whole heating system is brand new, well one year old :)). Soon after the service I noticed cold water dripping through the tundish. The company who did the service sent another engineer who said the...
  20. A

    Unvented Cylinder - Tundish Leak

    Would anyone be able to advise the likely cause of the tundish overflowing on my unvented cylinder please?
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