TRV Tuna (801) was one of three Torpedo Recovery Vessels operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Defence Maritime Services (DMS). Ordered in 1969, the vessel, originally identified as TRV 253, was completed in 1970 and assigned to the torpedo firing range at Jervis Bay. The ship received a name and the pennant number "TRV 801" in 1983. In 1988, the three vessels were sold to DMS. Tuna was assigned to the naval base at HMAS Creswell in Jervis Bay. Tuna was active in DMS service as of 2007.

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  1. B

    Leaking TRV

    Hi I have a leaking TRV on a downstairs radiator and need to get it replaced/fixed. Can anyone on here tell me the average cost to have this done professionally please?
  2. B

    TRV Valve is leaking out of pin

    Rad is leaking from TRV valve, seems to be seeping out of where the pin comes up. I tried tightening up the nut below the pin, but that didn't help. I then looked online and saw that removing the nut and packing with some plumbers tape may help, but whenever I try to remove the nut a load of...
  3. D

    TRV valve body compatibility with Hive?

    Hi I am trying to fit a Hive Radiator valve into my existing TRV valve body to make them automatic so have bought a Hive valve to try it out. I have done this before in another install but the valves were Danfoss and directly compatible with Hive. I am looking for an adapter that will be able...
  4. S

    Unsure on how to fit the TRV to 15mm copper pipes

    Hi, I need some advice. I am trying to replace the manual radiator valves on a towelrail with a TRV: I ordered a Myson 2TRV15SN, and the tail seems to be identical with the current setup, however I am not sure who to attach the copper pipe at the bottom. This doesn't seem like a standard...
  5. ian.

    Honeywell 10mm TRV compression inserts wanted

    I have Honeywell Valencia TRVs 10mm pipe size, I’m making mods to accommodate larger rads and it looks like the 10mm compression insert is special to Honeywell as all available inserts are 15mm to 10mm which do not fit as the compression nut has a 10mm hole, not a 15mm. Anyone know if you can...
  6. P

    Are timed TRVs available

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if such a thing as a timed TRV exists? I need a TRV that is wide open until a specified time, then reverts to normal TRV operation. That's literally the only functionality I need. Does such functionality exist in things like Nest or Hive? These are probably...
  7. A

    Changing a broken TRV

    Hi folks, I have a combi boiler. The trv for one of the rads needs changing. Do i follow these steps: Shut boiler Make sure the lockshield side is closed Slowly undo trv radiator nut and drain water from radiator. Change TRV Pressurise the system. Please advise.
  8. N

    How to replace old 3/4 Radiator valves with 15mm TRV

    Hi There, I want to swap out my old valves for TRVs but the threads are different sizes, and I'm unsure how to resolve it. My current existing radiator valve setup is: The current valve has a 3/4" thread going to the radiator. I can't quite work out what's on the radiator side, but the...
  9. J

    TRV and main thermostat

    I have a Nest thermostat in my hallway which gets affected by the front door opening and closing. This thermo operates one zone (downstairs). I have one radiator the other side of the door to thermo. I have another in the study and two more in the lounge. None of the radiators have a TRV and...
  10. H

    Honeywell TRV low temperature

    Hi. I have all the rads in the house controlled with wireless Honeywell TRVs. This was done by an installer about 2 yrs ago. The kitchen TRVs are not working properly. The app says the kitchen is only 5 degrees as per the TRV, but the room is definitely warm and as a result, the rads seem to be...
  11. 0Duke0

    Boiler loses pressure after TRV replacement

    Hi, the other day I had a plumber over to fit a new TRV to a radiator on the ground floor. During the process I noticed the pipe connecting the valve to the piping under the floorboards was not properly clamped and was turning first counter and then clockwise. When the valve was fitted the pipe...
  12. S

    Non screw trv head units

    We have these trv’s which sort grip the value they dont screw on - can I buy replacements ?
  13. T

    Trv not turning off, but heads are ok (work on other radiators)

    Hello, we have bulldog trvs on all our radiators but have a problem with 2 of them. The 2 upstairs radiators do not turn off (4 downstairs all work fine). If I switch the trv heads, taking one which works downstairs and putting it on an upstairs radiator it also does not shut off the radiator...
  14. Bogart

    TRV controlled radiators passing by

    Is it me or do others have the same. I have out of 23 rads in the house maybe 6 that pass by even when on the frost setting with the room temp at 10 degC. It is as if they need a small solid washer or similar inserted into the trv head to make it act a tad before it would alone. The rads do not...
  15. Y

    Inexplicable humming (am I going crazy?)

    Hi All! Bought a house recently, and we have been having the most frustrating issue with a very loud humming noise that intermittently comes and goes in our pipework. Have had a plumber around to check the issue to no avail so far, unfortunately. We have an Ideal Logic+ c35 combi boiler. System...
  16. prburkis

    Are there any "Recommended" Smart TRV Valves for large houses?

    Hi All, I thought I'd come to the experts and see if anyone is installing and/or recommending the use of any Smart TRV valves? Particularly in large(ish) solid wall houses. I live in a 1920's arts and crafts house - it's about 2000sqft, not massive, but it's approx 25% larger on the...
  17. S

    How to remove Danfoss TRV

    Hi all, Hope you are all well. I am trying to remove this Danfoss TRV, but struggling to work it out. I assume I need to turn the grey collar, but don't want to mess too much, unless certain. Thanks
  18. C

    Fitting bathroom towel radiator fitting questions?

    Hi there, i’m in the process of remodelling a new build home and have a towel radiator i will be fitting soon to replace an ugly traditional radiator in the bathroom that was fitted by the builders. The fitted radiator has been removed, the pipes are “polyfit” brand 10mm plastic...
  19. Martyn

    Going from 10mm JG direct to Radiator TRV?

    So been trying to search this for some time and finding mixed results, I have 10mm JD Speed fit piping coming out the wall and hoping to use it on the original TRVs, things that keep popping up are these JG stem reducers, but doesn't seem right that the value would go onto the end? wouldn't...
  20. M

    BOSS TRV replace or substitute?

    Hope this is in the right forum. We've a utility room radiator with 10mm pipework; fitted about 6 years ago it has a BOSS TRV which has failed (the sensor plunger just flops around - as if the sensor has leaked) and the radiator is always "on". I don't consider 6 years a reasonable life so I'm...
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