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towel radiator

A towel rails radiator or a heated towel rail is a feature designed to heat towels before using them. For many years, European hotels have used them as combined towel- dryers/racks. The towel warmer is a bathroom heater suitable for both drying and heating towels and the environment. There are two versions: traditional ones that are plumbed like a radiator with water heated from a central boiler, and electric ones where an electrical resistance heats water or oil contained in the unit

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  1. A

    How can I turn down this traditional towel radiator with tap valves?

    I have recently had this radiator fitted and currently it gets very hot. I would like to turn the radiator temperature down however I'm unsure which valve I need to turn. I am not sure which is the flow or return. Or does it not make a difference? At the moment, both valves in the picture are...
  2. J

    To add inhibitor into towel radiator

    Hi, I want to add inhibitor into towel radiator for the heating system. I saw from Youtube that people normally open the radiator vent plug from bottom, either left or right (photo 4 and 5). But I saw someone opened from top which looks easier. Please see the attached photos 2 and 3, should I...
  3. D

    Connecting values to towel radiator help needed

    Hi there. I’ve installed a new towel radiator and I’m trying to fit the valves but I’ve come unstuck and need some help. I’ve bought new angled valves to replace the old ones but I can’t connect them. I think I’m missing something. They are the right size to screw into the bottom of the...
  4. F

    Help fitting a dual fuel towel radiator

    Hi everyone, I have an Eastbrook Hurley towel radiator and fitting it as a dual fuel, with pipes coming out of the wall. I've been advised to get a T-Piece which the electrical element then fits underneath it, and then a manual valve fits into the side of the T-piece. On the other side...
  5. B

    Remove towel radiator bleed valve

    Hi, We moved into a house a couple of years ago and inherited some "interesting" plumbing throughout. Today's problem is that the bathroom towel radiator that wasn't heating up, so I looked at it and guessed that pushing in the "button" on what appeared to be a bleed valve would bleed it. Sure...
  6. C

    Fitting bathroom towel radiator fitting questions?

    Hi there, i’m in the process of remodelling a new build home and have a towel radiator i will be fitting soon to replace an ugly traditional radiator in the bathroom that was fitted by the builders. The fitted radiator has been removed, the pipes are “polyfit” brand 10mm plastic...
  7. S

    Air in towel radiator

    Our upstairs towel radiator keeps filling with air at the top. We had a new system boiler, new tank and new pipework fitted in October. The new tank is in the garage which is underneath the house and the new boiler is in the kitchen at ground floor level. We also had underfloor heating installed...
  8. J

    Towel radiator not heating

    Hi all,just an update from yesterdays post,the towel radiator has miraculously fixed itself!it is now red hot,I still don't understand how after bleeding full system including new rad,it should suddenly fix itself,May be some of you clever people out there could explain, cheers
  9. S

    Towel Rail Valve Fitting

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to work out the best approach to fitting valves to my new towel rail, but i just don’t have the experience to know the best approach and would appreciate input from you guys. If i get this wrong, it’s going to be a major PITA to correct...
  10. S

    Speedfit coldforms on 10mm pipe

    I am replacing a standard rad with a towel rail in the en-suite and the existing pipes are 10mm Speedfit and not easy to change. The wall is standard breezeblock with plasterboard over the top. I am considering how best to re-align pipework for the new rail and would appreciate advice. One easy...
  11. I


  12. G

    Bathroom Towel Radiator Noise near electric element

    About a year ago, I had the bathroom towel radiator replaced with a larger one, and an electric dual-fuel element added. The wet circuit is driven by a Multi-fuel stove that is rarely used, and the electric element is used almost all winter, on a programmable thermostat, to heat the bathroom...
  13. D

    Replacing towel radiator in bathroom - pipe question

    Hi all, I hope you are able to give me some advice. I have recently been upgrading the bathroom and want to replace the towel radiator. I need to move the pipes a metre or so but have come across a sticking point. It looks like my central heating system (combi boiler) is run in 15mm pipe but...
  14. L

    15mm Towel radiator valves with 10mm supply

    I've bought a new chrome towel radiator as the old one is all rusty. I also bought new angled (standard) valves, 1/2" X 15mm as they too are old and rusty. But when I look at what comes out of the wall, it's clearly not 15mm pipe, looks more like 10mm (plastic). How have they gone from 15mm...
  15. K

    Correct way to add a towel radiator

    I am in the process of fitting a towel radiator to our bathroom. We have a conventional system boiler. Header tank in the loft, hot water cylinder with coil running through. Should i be teeing off the hot water circuit or the central heating circuit or is it literally down to preference...
  16. A

    Correct height of towel radiator above floor

    Hello, Just doing first fix pipework for a bathroom and two ensuites. Just wondering what the convention for height above floor for towel radiators is please? I will be bringing two chrome pipes out of the stud wall at the correct height for angle valves. I am also putting extra timber...
  17. N

    Towel Radiator smelling

    Hi can anyone help. Last year a new towel radiator was fitted in our bathroom. It was fine until a few months ago when i noticed a smell. It smells like metal or pickles. The heating wasnt on over the summer so was only a slight smell but now with the colder weather, whenever we put the heatting...
  18. H

    Towel Radiator not heating up

    Hi, I have a towel radiator that is causing me a bit of a headache. I worked fine until the heating came back on after the summer. The radiator never heated up after that. I've taken the floor boards up and found that the radiator has 2 feeds from the heating supply. Can't work out why its...
  19. M

    How to turn off towel radiator

    Good evening all, I have two towel radiators that are part of the central heating system that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn off/on. There are two white caps at the base of the radiator on either sides of the radiator as followed: and... When I remove these two...
  20. B

    Towel Radiator leak - complete plumbing dummy!

    Hi all I have a heated towel rack in my kitchen. I noticed recently that all the paint is peeling off the top and cracking down the length of the radiator. The white surface is stained with dark radiator water and the whole thing looks god awful. I want to repaint it, but am assuming that the...
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