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A toilet seat is a hinged unit consisting of a round or oval open seat, and usually a lid, which is bolted onto the bowl of a toilet used in a sitting position (as opposed to a squat toilet). The seat can be either for a flush toilet or a dry toilet. A toilet seat consists of the seat itself, which may be contoured for the user to sit on, and the lid, which covers the toilet when it is not in use – the lid may be absent in some cases, particularly in public restrooms.

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    Newbie needs a toilet seat!

    Hi all I'm a very inexperienced DIY man. Does anyone know where I can get a D shaped (preferably wooden) toilet seat for a Sottini toilet? I can only find the conventional shape on line. Any advice gratefully received. Lasdal:)
  2. S

    Duravit Toilet Seat - Help!!!

    Hi This is my 1st post! I'm trying to find out how to resolve a problem with a toilet seat that is lose. It is a Duravit close coupled model and I have removed the two white lugs from near the seat pivot points. The toilet was installed a couple of years ago and the original instructions and...
  3. T

    Toilet seat problem!! HELP!!

    I need help! :confused: I have bought a new toilet seat to replace a 31 yr old one! The toilet bolt holes are 7.5 inch apart (centre to centre) and the new seat has a hinge with holes much closer togther rendering it useless. :( I have 3 options: 1. Buy new seat (I've been looking online for...
  4. M

    how many different pipes and fittings are there for taps ?

    Hello I am currently studying Product design at university and have chosen to design a tap wrench for my final year design. After aproaching some friends about the idea i have found out their is an increasing problem with non standard fittings being used in the uk. Does any one have any idea...
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    toilet seat

    hi i have just replaced a cracked plastic toilet seat with a wooden one with metal hinges, after fitting the seat moves slightly from side to side have i done something wrong or is this normal? sue
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    How do you tighten a toilet seat with no access to the underside?

    Hi we have a toilet unlike any I have seen before. The seat has become loose, with normal toilets I know you just tighten it with the bolts underneath the seat. This one however the toilet / ceramic is sealed with no access to the underside. I have looked at the seat itself and it has no plastic...
  7. I

    what brand is this toilet?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what make this toilet is? I need to buy a new toilet seat for it and have no idea who the manufacturer is. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks p.s. the toilet was supplied to me by the plumber who fitted my bathroom but can't get a hold off him
  8. J

    Toilet bowl and seat problem

    I have no plumbing experience & I am after your advice and experience please. I have a toilet seat which is very unstable and keeps slipping at the crucial moment (lets put all jokes to one side for the moment). Although the seat is securely fixed at the back it still seems very mobile...
  9. D

    Man rules.

    At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules" From the female side.... Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all...
  10. N

    Toilet Seat

    Please can you help me? I am trying to find a replacement toilet seat. I have been lead to believe that the one i have is not standard fit. It has flat sides and every one that I have looked at is rounded. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you
  11. E

    Enclosed Toilet Seat

    Hi all, great advice on this site, THANKS. Need help with this issue we are having. Bought house last year. Main toilet is a Karnees ? the toilet seat bolts are plastic and go down into the 2 holes in the ceramic WC but the tighteners/wingnuts ( not sure which) are inaccessable as the whole WC...
  12. P

    Hunt The Loo Seat !!!!!!!

    Hi, Just my the best part of the day on this computer looking for a toilet seat to fit my loo. The pan is made by Gala bought from B and Q about 5 years ago. The model of the seat is loa , well that is what is embossed on the lid . It's seams to be a good quality piece of kit with no colour fade...
  13. N

    Top fixing toilet seat

    I have a back-to-wall toilet and the seat has come loose. I can't get underneath and behind the pan to tighten the screws. I need a top fixing so i can tighten it from above although locating a fixing i can retrofit to the current seat is proving difficult to find. A suggestion where i can...
  14. F

    Toilet Seat Disaster!

    My friend decided to change his toilet seat in what should have been a 10 minute operation. He said he lay under the back of the loo and undid the two wing nuts holding the old seat on. He was somwhat suprised when the close coupled cistern fell off the loo and drenched him in blue cistern...
  15. P

    New Toilet Seat Hinge

    Any solutions in replacing a worn plastic white toilet hinge (looks like a piece of cheese)? Tried the B and Q version but it is not tall enough. After about 25mm from bottom of block to centre of where the rod goes in?
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