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  1. Plumbase

    10 Tips to Economically Heat Your Home

    As winter draws in, many of us will be switching the central heating. Especially in the mornings. However, heating your home can be a real drain on your finances. It seems worse when we’ve been used to reduced costs on gas and leaky through the warm summer months – there’s a sentence I thought...
  2. Dan

    Tips and Tricks Videos - Plumbing Tips and Tricks in Video Form

    Tips and Tricks Videos - Plumbing Tips and Tricks in Video Form If you upload your video to our plumbing videos area, and I'll add them to this thread, and make it useful and helpful for others. :)
  3. Dan

    How to increase your likes ratio - Tips, and Dan helping you out

    As long as you're willing to put in the work on the forum I can't help you get your like ratios up. I'm adding some 'Like' buttons that will add + 3 Likes per 1 button press. Esteemed will be able to give these out. But not abuse them! They risk losing all of theirs and starting again with...
  4. L

    Adey TwinTech - Tips, tricks & hints.

    History: Unit originally came with a transparent bowl. It kept weeping at joint- so I sent it back to adey for a service. Pressure tested on rig - bowel was upgraded to the revised black one as a manufacturing defect was confirmed: Current: It's now time for the annual service – hoping for...
  5. M

    fixing airlocks in system, tips?

    Hey everyone, I've dealt with a few bad airlocks over the years but was wondering if anyone had any good tricks to get them out faster/easier. I've always been told to just leave it on constant until it settles and another time we had this plumber help us and he removed the thermostats on the...
  6. david stanton

    tips for sealing around bath

    does anyone have any top tips for sealing around a bath, its currently silicon which has perished, so needs re doing and wondering it there is anything new fangled or does a better job? T he problem is the bath has a roll on the edge and not a square edge, so last time i had to use two tubes...
  7. Joshua

    Performed my first few practicals recently, any tips on the following?

    Only done two practical lessons so far, we have one every day I'm in and they started this week for me. First day, learned how to measure copper pipe for cutting and piecing together, and using compression fittings and a pipe bender, created a letter P out of 15mm copper pipe. Next I Worked with...
  8. C

    Tips and tricks with heavy boilers

    Hi all, I’m currently building my portfolio which is going great. I have a fantastic mentor too. Today’s install was a boiler in the loft. If you’re working on your own, how do you manage getting boilers into the loft? I know a bit of muscle but... I was just wondering if there’ any lifting...
  9. D

    Plumbers Tips on the original forum

    I remember on the old original UK Plumbers Forum, that there was a very popular thread where plumbers could post and share tips. Is this available here?
  10. C

    Replacing radiator, any advice or tips?

    Evening Ladies and Gents, I need to replace this radiator and was wondering how straight forward it would be for me to do it myself? Thanks.
  11. J

    Tips to remove power shower

    Hi all, I'm due to do a shower refurb. The customer wants to keep and re-use the existing power shower (a Mira Event, a few years old.) I've once removed a power shower before, for a replacement. I had the two-pronged key that is suppose to release the pipes from the push fit connections...
  12. F

    what do i do now?!?!

    i have just finished my city and guilds plumbing course. this has set me up for my nvq. but i can find NO ONE in my area or surrounding willing to take me on so i could do the nvq. they either say their not looking to take on trainees/not looking for anyone/need to be gas safe etc. the college...
  13. C

    Mains frozen - in a panic

    Hi, After discovering there was no mains water this morning, I've traced the problem part of the way. Looks like the blue plastic mains is frozen somewhere between the street mains and the stopcock under my sink. I've tried gently warming the 6 inches or so of the blue mains that I have access...
  14. J

    Bosch Worcester 25si/28si - help no heat or water!!

    Hello , i do hope there is someone out there who can help - its getting colder by the minute in here. A week ago i bled my radiators and topped up the boiler and all was well until tonight when my daughter went for a shower - there was no hot water. when i checked the boiler the central heating...
  15. J

    Baxi 552 BBU - burner re assembly after clean out

    I reported on this forum last weekend my success in cleaning out 552 burner and removing lint trapped in filter. This cured a yellow burning flame - very pleased with result EXCEPT:- I am getting a lot of expansion clicking and ticking now from what I reckon is the burner when cycling on and...
  16. C

    Has anyone set up in business recently

    Hi guys has anyone set up in business recently and if so how successfull have you been in getting your customers.
  17. P

    Changing Radiator without soaking everywhere?

    I need to change my kitchen radiator, from what I know I should turn both valves off either end then crack the nuts open, but is there any easy way to get the water out of the radiator without either sticking my thumb over the end, or buckets underneath? help please!
  18. M

    Stuck immersion heater

    Hi Do any of you good people have any tips on how to remove a really stubborn immersion element?
  19. S

    Pipe above ceiling or under floor?

    Hi Folks I'm installing a loo in a chaps back passage (fnaar!) which will have a boarded ceiling. He's had someone look at it and they suggested that the pipes should be taken from the kitchen below the ceiling and run across outdoor ceiling and drop into wc. The stop cock etc is by the...
  20. R

    ACS training!

    Alright guys Well its been Nearly 5 Years for me so ive got to go ahead and do my re-acs, so im ****ting it basically and wanted to know if any one had some hints and tips for me, and could let me know of any useful training material that might be of use. thanks guys